My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 68

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7 min readMay 6, 2024

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

08/04/24 — New Insights:

I should raise this a little higher. The last time it was on three and this time around its only on one. But considering the new kinds of videos that will be released, it should be higher!

09/04/24 — Weekly recap:

There isn’t much going on this week; perhaps next week will be much better!

11/04/24 — I received a new email from YouTube Creators:

12:27 — I had some copyright claims to attend to. I recently concluded my work with them, and I now have to fight the false claims that were made against me. This process will take 30 days. I’ll keep you informed of developments.

This email contains the claim:

Since this is the first time I’ve ever received these, I had to look them up online. I discovered that “ARESA, LatinAutorPerf, Abramus Digital, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, MINT_BMG” is a company that performs this frequently, therefore I’m aware that these claims are now false. I’m hoping that this won’t cause me any problems in the future.

Update: The dispute was rejected.(I’m just not going to waste time on this until I have more info on this company)

16/04/24 — Weekly recap:

17/04/24: Not much has been going on these past few days, so I’m just updating on what I need to get done today, and what I hope to finish doing (today’s goals). The objective is to start live streaming, or at least attempt to finish most of the work for it, and try it out in the hopes that everything will work out.

16:44 — I’ve just completed setting up the live streaming, and one of these days I should test it out.

18:56 — I just tested the recording and live streaming at the same time, and sure enough, it is now functioning. I want to maintain it that way because I have been having problems with this blasted thing for far too long.

However, I’m overjoyed that this has now worked!
The first successful live feed can be accessed at this link:

YEAH!!!!! I was able to get the live streaming done!!

19/04/24 — New milestone:

Copyright claims from LatinAutorPerf, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, ARESA, Abramus Digital, and MINT_BMG have been reaching me. After researching this company a little, I now have serious concerns about it. I’ve now questioned Ubisoft Music about this on Twitter.

I’m hoping they will respond to me on this. (Update: They don’t get back to me.)

23/04/24 — Weekly recap:

29/04/24 — I’ve just surpassed my monthly target of 776 subscriptions. I haven’t been able to hit a sub goal for a single month in a long time. I won’t be setting a new target for this one as the month is almost over.

Total subs: 778

30/04/24 — Weekly recap:

02/05/24 — Mmonthly recap:

04/05/24: As of right now, I’ve started removing playlists and videos from the channel that are no longer relevant.

I should receive all the data for the previous month tomorrow (05/05/24), at which point I will begin writing up this article, however tomorrow is my fathers birthday and will not be able to finish up until the 06/05/24 (Today).

Here is the stats on April:

This above graph is all about watch hours!!

Please see older article on this… Thank You!

Here is a link to it:

My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 63

Scroll down to this point (where you can find the above graph)

April goal was 3854 hours of valid public watch time. I have not reach this objective. A total of 3766 valid watch hours, with an average valid public watch hour for this month is 13.73. In addition, I completed 412 valid public watch hours.

For next month’s goal = 4000.

This 4000 target is final, and since I will have earned enough watch hours to hit the YPP second milestone, I won’t need any more objectives for valid watch hours!

Subs Total 780

Less then 220 subs left to go!!! YEAH.

I did reached my goal of 766 this month.

I am going to place another goal of only 20 subs, we will see if I am able to hit this goal for next month once again.

Goal total subs = 800

With Rennes advice and help he has given me I hope to do better!!

More on Rennes please go to My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 67

The manner I’m working right now, I plan to post a lot more content that is different and that will help define my channel of a better quality. I’m hoping that this will cause the number of subscribers to rise once more.

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before July!! This is still doable…

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

Subs : 780 (+19)

Watch time (hours) : 3766(+412) (Valid Watch Time) (Apr 30th, 2024)

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