My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 65

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12 min readFeb 3, 2024

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

03/01/24 — New Milestone hit:

1700 valid public watch hours have just been hit, with a total of 1709.

08/01/24: A summary of the last several days:


With 53 watch hours overall, the maximum number of valid public watch hours in a single day was recorded.

I received this via email from YouTube that same day:

And since I had no idea what was going on, I became rather concerned about this. The article had not received any changes. But as you can see, I had recently lost my “advanced features,” so I had to create a fresh video and submit it to YouTube.

Later that same day, this had returned:

And “advanced features” are now available once again!

Additionally that day:

New milestone hit:

Just completed 1800 hours of valid watch time, for a total of 1801.

Everything appears to be going well so far!

And today:

08/01/24 —

I’ve been considering streaming live on Twitch and YouTube, and this morning I finally completed configuring everything on OBS. I just need to fine-tune the setup a little more, and I’ll be streaming live very soon — possibly even during my next game!

(03/02/24 — Update: I am hopefully getting near to finishing this, but I have had several difficulties getting it up and running.)

I nearly forgot to mention one more thing: I’ll be returning to work today. New videos will be posted starting today!

And that concludes the update!

Darn, I had forgotten that I needed to work on Twitch to prepare the channel for live broadcasting! It’s beginning to look good. This is the URL for it:

(03/02/24 — Update: Still more work needs to be done but I am getting there.)

09/01/24 —
Weekly Recap:

12/01/24 — We’ve reached a new milestone:

I recently reached and surpassed the 1900 valid watch time milestone, with a total of 1906.

Milestone for this month:

This month, 219 valid watch time have been added!

We’re not even halfway through the month yet this is really fantastic!

13/01/24 — I received the following copyright claim take-down today:

I emailed the content creator as follows:

Hi GamerZap

Hope this email finds you well

Firstly,I would like to apologize for not informing you of using your video…

I usually send out an email stating that I like to use your video or any other creators video before adding it to my channel. I also credit the creators by adding their details to the video also…

However I seem to have made a mistake here and have used your video without permission.

I am sending you this email now asking for that permission. I am greatly sorry that I have used your video without the permission needed as it went under the radar, as I have asked many other creators for their permission (well most say yes and some say no).

Whatever the outcome is, now, I will abide by it.

This is my normal email out to the creators that I get in contact with:

I would like to use your video on my channel to help it to grow. I will not monetize the video but only use it to grow my channel and i will credit the video to you and link your channel to it

I hope that you can help me…

here is the video I like to use:

kind regards


P.S. Since I would like to continue with this channel, I kindly request that you remove the copyright strike. This is not a criticism of you; rather, it is a request for assistance.

This is the link to my channel:

As you can see, I put a lot of effort into growing it.

All I’m asking for is your assistance, please.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Thank you.

I will provide you with updates on this situation.

(03/02/24 — There were no updates on this.)

I must improve going forward because I am the one at fault here and neglected to see this while submitting several videos. I need to perform better!

16/01/24 — Weekly Recap:

As you can see, I’ve tried to start making live streams. These are tests, so I still need to set them up; they’re not ready for a professional stream yet. There are a few things I need to take care of before I can start doing live streams.

New milestone:

With a total of 2012, we have now exceeded 2000 valid watch hours. Let’s see how far we can get before the end of this month. I need 988 additional valid watch times to reach the first milestone that unlocks YPP.

22/01/24 — new milestones hit:


With 2103 valid public watch hours, we have officially surpassed 2100. There are now 897 hours needed to hit the first YPP milestone of 3000.


My watch time goal of 2087 has finally been reached; it was 400 legitimate watch hours for this month.

Total now 2103

There are now 416 total valid watch hours.

New Goal:

Objective: Stretched goal 645

Total: 2332 valid watch time

24/01/24 — Weekly Recap:

Update: I’m not sure whether I mentioned this in the other post, but if not, it’s here. I’ve been attempting to sell gaming PC components, and tonight at 22:31, I reached a new milestone in this regard.

In any case, I was able to submit an application to sell on, a sizable website in South Africa.


In order to build this new source of revenue for the business, I hope to get approved soon!

The following email was sent to me:

As more information becomes available, I’ll keep you informed.

25/01/24 — Fresh information from Takealot:

I’ve already forwarded the link.

Just received this email:

The email said:

In simple terms. It will take around ten days.

28/01/24 — New milestone hit:

Just achieved 502 hours of valid public watch in a month:

If this continues, I think we can still get the stretch goal of 645, but we’ll have to wait and see.

29/01/24 — Milestone hit :

Now, there have been more than 2200 hours of valid public watch, totaling 2207.

30/01/24 — An update on the previous several days to around a week ago.

I’ve been working on cable management again throughout this period, and I’m almost finished. I’ve been working on cable management a lot these days because I installed the speaker box and only need to complete the wires. That still leaves a day or two’s worth of work, though. I’ll work harder to finish it as soon as possible.

I’ve been working hard to finish the Twitch steaming process as well. Hopefully, I can finish it by tomorrow, but it’s coming along wonderfully. Ideally, by the first of the next month, I would like to start streaming.

31/01/24 — A new update from something Unexpected:

Here is a link to it:

23:25: I’m experimenting with live broadcasting to YouTube and Twitch for the PlayStation state of play today. I have to stay up and wait for it since it will turn on at twelve in the morning (in my region). I hope everything goes smoothly.

Update: The procedure still has to be improved because it did not work effectively. There are a number of issues that I need to fix in order to broadcast in 4K.

01/02/24 — Weekly Recap:

Here is a summary of the previous month as today is the first day of the current month:

I’ll be releasing additional uploads once the new month begins. In the meanwhile, I’ve been spending my time setting up Twitch and live streaming, but I’ve encountered a lot of difficulties since I need to figure out what the ideal settings are for my viewers’ optimal viewing experience.

Regarding yesterday’s live, it went poorly and I still need to adjust the settings for a better feed. I had to remove that stream since it was so poor that viewers could not watch it.

I’ll get there as I discover what functions well and what doesn’t!

Wish me good luck on this endeavor.

Here is the rest of the recap of last month:

20:54 — I completed the cable management today. I had planned to finish by the second, but I was able to do so one day early. This is fantastic because it means I can do more things and won’t have to worry about this any longer. However, there is one minor issue: I needed a few extension cables to extend these cables that needed to be done. I was able to do so, but I ran into a problem with one of them. I need to go get that fixed tomorrow, and then everything will be finished!

Update: I had an issue with this since the cable is causing me the issue. I will need to find the time to fix it, but it’s a small issue, so I shouldn’t worry too much about it right now. When I do have the time, I will solve it. (This won’t be updated because it’s so unimportant; there’s no need to do so).

02/02/24 — January recap:

03/02/24 — I usually write these articles on the 2nd of each month but I am 1 day late and like to apologize to my readers.

New Milestone:

246.67 The highest negative number hit (Negative numbers in this case is good!!)

This above graph is all about watch hours!!

Please see older article on this… Thank You!

Here is a link to it:

My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 63

Scroll down to this point (where you can find the above graph)

These significant accomplishments for this month are far better than I had anticipated.

January goal was 2087 hours of valid public watch time. I have reach this objective but did not pass the stretched goal of 645 (2332 valid watch hours).

The average valid public watch hour for this month is 18.71. In addition, I completed 580 valid public watch hours, for a total of 2267 hours, which was a watch time extra of 180.

For next month’s goal = 2767.

This goal of 2767 is a total of 500 valid watch hours for next month, as this is the 1st time doing this goal on a month with less days (Feb). I have no real data on this month.

So Here Are The Stats.

Total for the month of January is 580 (valid watch hours) the highest of any month thus far!

December = 347

January = 580

347–580 = 233 more(Great)

Subs Total 733

Yeah less then 260 subs left to go!!! YEAH.

Did not reached my goal of 748 this month (short by 15 subs).

Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

16 subs this month

16 Subs divided by 29 days (Feb)

0.6 * 29 days for Feb

For the past few months I have not found a good routine to upload videos.

I have been trying my best to get these done but without avail.

As for next month I will keep trying but a I cannot say if I will be able to find the right routine… This has been the reason the channel has not been growing in terms of Subs…

Rounded up to 47

47 + 733 = 780 Subs by the end of December.

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on October 24th (lost 54 days) last estimate was August 31st. (This is using the info I have gained over the last month, a better month will drop the projection… and a worse month will increases it — last month was BAD!!).

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before July next year!! This is still do able…

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

Subs : 733(+16)

Watch time (hours) : 2267(+580) (Valid Watch Time) (Jan 31st, 2023)

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