My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 64

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14 min readJan 2, 2024

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

02/12/23 — Okay…

22:16 I’ve recently completed a portion of my affiliation program profile. While there are still many forms to complete, at least one of the most important ones is now finished.

Here is my profile for the affilation program:

Since its creation a little over a year ago, RGS Gaming has been progressively expanding, with new viewers joining my channel on a daily basis. I make and share video game-related material. After learning how to use the Unreal and Unity engines to create games, I decided to make gaming my full-time career. As part of my current endeavor to launch my own company, I try various gaming items and then encourage others to purchase them, which helps to establish my brand. My strengths include video editing, evaluating and distilling a large amount of data, knowledge on a variety of subjects, and competent in researching a variety of topics. My goal for my business is building a brand and community around gaming which is world-renowned. I would also like to collaborate with other gaming industries and be given opportunities to partake in partner programs with successful gaming companies/developers. In addition to growing my channel, I’m attempting to increase brand recognition among other gaming firms and YouTubers in order to expand our audience.

Target Country(ies): All (Top 20 highest viewing counties: United States, Russia, India, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, Indonesia, Türkiye, Brazil, South Africa, France, Australia, Poland, Philippines, Netherlands, South Korea, New Zealand, Ukraine, Malaysia)

Target Language(s): English

Target Category(ies): Gaming / Gaming Products (e.g gaming mice)

Target Category(ies): Gaming / Gaming Products (e.g gaming mice)

Average views per day: 1000 views
95.8% males, 4.2% females
Average age: 18–35

Placement Opportunities: Requests for links to purchase the game as affiliate links may be found in the video description and fan comments.

I used to use the term “New info” for a lack of better phrases. I previously used this for the newly available information on the YouTube app, but going forward, I will refer to it as a “Weekly recap” as that is exactly what it is.

I like to make aware to my readers that I have not done much on this for this month.

05/12/23 — Weekly recap:

New Milestone:

700 Subs Now

New Milestone:

Now passed 1350 with a total of 1351

A few days ago, I stumbled upon this video:

I’ve been following Nick Nimmin and it’s about tubespanner:

Nick Nimmin’s YouTube channel:

If you do YouTube should follow him on his YouTube channel as he is quite knowledgeable about it.

In any case, I need something to speed up my workflow when it comes to posting videos to social media, like this video:

It appears to be able to speed up the sharing of the videos to social media. However, the servers are down and I am having trouble sharing my YouTube channel with it today.

I was able to add my socials to it, but I will need to add the channel. Hopefully, I will be able to add it tomorrow. When I have a chance to utilize it, I will let you know if this is a helpful tool or not.


This update is on the day of writing this article.

I was unable to use this website because it kept timing out and displaying this error message.

A couple more days of updates on this issue are coming to naught. For that reason, I won’t be posting these updates.

06/12/23 — I just received this today:

Here’s some updated information on YouTube thumbnails as well:

12/12/23 —

Weekly Recap:

New milestone:

On this channel, I have now received 500,000 views!

New milestone:

I did not anticipate reaching 827 post impressions on LinkedIn! It’s fantastic to see that it’s doing well because its highest impression count before this was 373!

13/12/23 — Some fresh information and a milestone for LinkedIn

I’m glad to see LinkedIn growing because I didn’t believe it would perform as well.

New milestone:

There are currently almost 1400 hours of valid public watch, totaling 1408

15/12/23 — Just a quick update — I wanted to add some information regarding the channel thus far because I felt like I haven’t added my two cents to this piece in a while.

The channel has been doing great, and its subscriber base has grown quickly, but I would like to say that I doubt I will reach my subscriber goal for this month because I have been more concerned with the valid public watch hours. However, the watch hours have started to rise again, so I will reach my goal of 1440 watch hours and surpass it quickly!

This month, I have uploaded a lot of videos, but my main goal has been to increase watch time rather than Subscriber count. I haven’t uploaded any good videos to encourage subs, but I promise to change this as soon as the month passes on. I’ll try to do better for the subs, but watch time needs to increase.

Though I doubt I’ll be able to reach the subscribe goal, we’ll see!


The date of writing this article: 02/01/24 —

I have just worked on the valid watch hours and not much else for this month…

18/12/23 — Steams Recap

Here is my Steams Recap for the year:

Not much on here as I also play on other platforms.

New milestone:

1448 valid public watch hours.

The 1440 valid public watch time goal has already been passed as of today. I’ll now set a new objective for this:

New objective: 1500

We’ll see whether I can accomplish this new objective!

19/12/23 — Weekly Recap:

20/12/23 — I calculated how much valid watch time I’ll need and what else I need to accomplish to reach my target by the end of next year.

This is the data that I managed to gather:

In the future months, I hope to log 400 valid watch hours every month:

That is approximately 17 days, rounded up, as you can see.

Since there are 30 days in a month on average, achieving this objective is highly likely. The target for this month is still 1500 (the second goal), and since it is already the 20th of the month, the new goal of 400 will be adopted for the next month.

It’s too late to put it into action for this month.

Here are the statistics with this new aim in place:

A monthly addition of 400 valid watch hours.

7 months.

= 2800.

2800 total watch hours.

1465 the amount the channel has right now.

However, there is one issue, and that is with… I have to make more than I lose on the final day of the valid year in order to hit this, valid watch hours are only countered for a year.

This picture above illustrates the last 365 days!

23/12/23 — We have achieved a significant accomplishment today:

We have just passed the halfway mark (goal) of 1500 valid watch time to hit the 3000 valid watch hours mark (1st Milestone to enter YPP)

With a total of 1508 valid public watch hour!!

The new goal is 1540 I just pulled this goal out of thin air; I just made it up.

This will be a 200 valid watch hour from last month, we will see if I’m able to hit this goal!!

At the moment I’m sitting at 168.

I ONLY need 32 watch time… I will create a stretch goal of 256.

This stretched objective looks far more realistic than the aim of 1540, which just seems too low.

The 256 equals to 1596 valid public watch hours.

That is 11 valid watch hours per day!!

25/12/23 — I figured out the new objective today.

The objective to get into the YPP (2nd milestone of 4000 valid watch hours)

The goal is to get this objective on September of next year.

I was able to work out that September of next year , I should have all required milestones and be able to get into the YPP.

26/12/23 — New milestones:

The 1st milestone:

Watch time goal hit:
Goal 1540
Now passed with a total of 1543

The 2nd milestone:

The highest number of valid watch times ever in a single day is 29.

The 3rd milestone:

This month, 203 valid watch hour have been added thus far.

Now its for the stretch goal of 1596

It’s possible that we’ll reach this objective, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Weekly Recap:

30/12/23 — Today marked the achievement of a new milestone!

Here they are:

The 1st milestone:

The goal of 256 has been passed: (1596)

Now on 1629 valid watch hours!!

The 2nd milestone:

Now on 289 valid hours added to this month!!

The 3rd milestone:

Highest watch hour accumulated with a total of 34 valid watch hours in a single day!

It’s a huge accomplishment.

I need to establish a new target now that I’ve surpassed the one I set for myself, and I think 300 watch hours this month would be a nice place to start.

Even though I still have three days left to write this article, you should have noted that it is on the 28th and that the data is not being captured in real-time, so my target is a bit too low. Nevertheless, because the month and year are almost over.

I am not to worried about making a new goal for myself as I have reached and passed all previous goals.

Additionally, I have been going a little sluggish this last week and have not been actively uploading.

Taking a brief break to spend time with family…

01/01/24 — Updated data for December:

I have ceased uploading and posting new videos on December 22. As a result, this month’s views have declined. I’m going to start uploading in the upcoming new month.

I’ve been editing videos instead of posting them since, I was concentrating more on uploading than editing material for a few months. I’ve been on a hiatus for a bit.

02/01/24 —

The December Recap:

Weekly Recap:

12:00 — It’s time to begin working on the article now!

As I was working on the article I found a new milestone:

Here it is:

This signifies the amount of watch hours I need to reach the September goal. This is the first month that has a negative number which is great. Showing that it’s growth in watch hours then any of the previous months.

A negative number in this case is good!!

This above graph is all about watch hours!!

Please see older article on this… Thank You!

Here is a link to it:

My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 63

Scroll down to this point (where you can find the above graph)

These significant accomplishments for this month are far better than I had anticipated.

December goal was 1440 hours of valid public watch time. I have reach this objective and all stretched goals thereafter.

The average valid public watch hour for this month is 11.19. In addition, I completed 347 valid public watch hours, for a total of 1687 hours, which was a watch time extra of 247.

For next month’s goal = 2087.

This goal of 2087 is a total of 400 valid watch hours for next month, as this is the 1st time doing this goal. I have no real data on it and will be gathering this data as the month goes on.

So Here Are The Stats.

Total for the month of December is 347 (valid watch hours).

November = 103

December = 347

103–347 = 244 more(Great)

Subs Total 717

Yeah less then 300 subs left to go!!! YEAH.

Did not reached my goal of 792 (Realistic goal 741) (will be using realistic goal for this) this month (DeExceed it by 24 subs).

Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

22 subs this month

22 Subs divided by 30 days

I am going to round it up to 1

1 * 31 days for Decembe

I will be starting uploading in a few days time, and with the hope that I can hit this goal at the end of this month!!

31 + 717 = 748 Subs by the end of December.

Update: (31/12/23– 1687 hours of total “Valid Watch Time”) (347 extra “Valid Watch Time” since last month)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on August 31st (lost 176days) last estimate was March 8th. (This is using the info I have gained over the last month, a better month will drop the projection… and a worse month increases it — last month was BAD!!).

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before July next year!!

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

Subs : 717(+22)

Watch time (hours) : 1687 (+347) (Valid Watch Time) (Decmeber 31, 2023)

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