My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 63

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15 min readDec 2, 2023

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

03/11/23 —
New Eligibility Criteria (Requirements) for YPP:

YouTube introduced new criteria a few months ago, and this month it was brought to my country. This is what the new page looks like:

The 1st is a 500 subscriber count of 500 which I have, and the next which I’m concentrating on is the 3000 valid public watch hours.

And the full YPP is still the same with 1000 Subs and 4000 valid public watch time.

06/11/23: I had a strange thought today after seeing some fantastic Assassin Creed videos on a gaming channel. The thought stopped me cold. What would happen if I uploaded these identical movies to my channel, much like the ones that are currently up and these videos need very little work. This is the first video.

I have posted it, and I received a new subscriber shortly before the four-hour point, hence I’ll be doing this more frequently.

And I did ask the respective creator if I may use his video and the answer was a yes… to tell you guys the truth I was expecting a “NO”.

Yes, I did provide credit to the person who uploaded the video, and I will continue to do so for future videos featuring their respective creators.

With this concept, the channel ought to begin expanding at a rapid pace, and when it does, it will expand without requiring my assistance.

07/11/23 — New info:

09/11/23 — Here are some stats:

For a full year, this is the watch time = 2753.3.

Here, for a whole year, the only public watch hour that is valid is 1262.

There is a significant disparity because the valid watch time is not including the shorts watch time.

Yesterday at 21:31

12798 views in the previous 48 hours.

With 13997 views throughout the course of 48 hours, the hourly low view count is 34.

New milestone:

Now 625 subs!!


With 14610 views throughout the course of 48 hours, the hourly low view count is 84.

I emailed another YouTuber today to ask whether I may utilize one of their videos.

This is the email I sent them:

He graciously gave me permission to utilize his video on my channel in order to promote its growth.

Here is his YouTube channel:

He is really gracious to allow me to use his video on my channel, I must say.

11/23 — New comment:


This is a really thoughtful comment!

12/11/23 — New milestone hit:

I’ve now gained 31 followers on twitter.

Though it’s taken a while, it’s encouraging to watch it progress.

14/11/23 — New info:

19:55 — A new milestone:

I just reached my goal of 645 subs!!

There are fifteen days remaining before the month ends. I didn’t anticipate achieving this objective as soon as I did.

Now, I’ll set a new objective to hit:

I’ve just calculated the new objective for the next fifteen days, and it is as follows:

667 subscribers by this month’s end

15/11/23 — New milestone:

On a single day, over 12,000 views were received, for a total of 12,157 views.

Furthermore, 99.7 hours of public watch are the most ever!

New milestone details:

Why are views higher than usual?

There are a few reasons for this increase:

54 052 views which more than usual

Your channel got 39,508 views from Shorts feed–that’s 25% more than usual

Viewers watched you 62% more often from recommendations on YouTube

These fresh insights are really impressive. After much effort on my part, the channel is currently flourishing and growing.

16/11/23 — New milestone hit:

Now over 650 subs with a total of 654 right now!!

Subs are increasing, which is fantastic to see!

17/11/23 — New milestone:

Forwarded that to the YouTube staff in the hopes that they may be of assistance.

(Update: No real assistance from YouTube as of yet!!)

23:01 — A new comment came in, and this 1 comment has inspired me to take new action.

Here is the comment:

It got me thinking about affiliation programs.

I went on to look for Ubisoft affiliate programs and signed up.

All I have to do now is wait and see if anything develops, ideally into something entirely else.

When they do respond, I will provide an update on this! Hopefully, they do, and that would be fantastic!

Just Receive this now.

19/11/23 — New milestones:


Yip, Just hit the second goal!!

I’ve already achieved my second target for the month, and it’s not even close to the end of the month! Haha!!

I now need to set a new objective.

Thus, 685 submarines will be the new target:

This is how it’s worked out:

The total was 682. I rounded it up to the closest five, so 685!!

This is now the third target to hit for this month…

Second milestone is as follows:

YAY! 1302 valid public watch hours!!

Since shorts receive more views than long-form ones. Thus, watch time is not increasing as quickly as it used to!

20/11/23 — Sad news, unfortunately:

Rejected into the Ubisoft Creators program.

21/11/23 — New info:

The greatest number of likes in a single week: 1282!

19:52 — I’ve just completed uploading the most recent Need for Speed: The Run video.

Here is a game review:

Need for Speed: The Run is a racing game that feels sluggish and heavy, with a reduced sense of speed. Handling is unresponsive and there are frustrating limitations on returning to the cross-country race. The story is short-lived, with flat characters. However, the game has a diverse assortment of cars that handle well but sometimes bugging but they are gorgeous, varied courses modeled on real locations. The multiplayer component is solid, with Autolog and various modes (which I did not play). The game has a good number of race types that keep events enjoyable.

There were a lot of race circuits in this game, and they were all entertaining to play, so I think it might have been a great game if it had been longer and less buggy.

If you enjoy racing games, this is a must-play game that I believe to be among the greatest Need for Speed titles available.

23/11/23 — a few updates, I’ve been attempting to obtain products bearing my company’s branding. I’ve established some connections in China to provide mice to my home country of South Africa, and things are moving along nicely but with some hiccups.

I’ve been working to resolve these issues today in the hopes that by the end of the day, everything will be resolved and the website will be operational. However, I have a hunch that this won’t happen, but I’ll just have to hold out hope.

(Update: Things have not gone well with this but I will keep trying and I do have some other few options left, but I just dont have the time to get to them just yet…)

I’ve been attempting to join various affiliation programs with businesses; I’ll spend some time doing that today and maybe get some positive news. I’ll keep you updated if something does arise.

Thus, an attempt was made to become a Bioware Brand Ambassador. However, since I haven’t yet posted any of their stuff (mass effect), I won’t be a good fit with them. I’ll give them a try later!

EA will have to try again later when I have a larger channel, as there isn’t a join-in option on their website for some reason.

I’ve been given the opportunity to become an Xbox Ambassador, so we’ll see where this goes. I don’t believe this program will be very profitable, but maybe it will open up some other opportunities.

I tried these affiliation programs for EA, Bioware and Xbox today, but I only got into the Xbox. I can see that the Xbox is growing well for gaming, but as I mentioned earlier, there isn’t much potential for financial gain. Hopefully, though, it will develop into something amazing in the future — something that is impossible to imagine today.

26/11/23 — Here are the updates:

Initially, I had a few old PCs that I was working to get up and running. I finished one of them yesterday and moved it to the office. This PC will be used to record gameplay, freeing up the main PC to focus on making sure the game is running smoothly and not on recording gameplay. It will also enable me to record in 4K, which will help me create better content for the channel.

The PC is now fixed and in fine working order, but there is still plenty to be done to get it ready.

I’ve been attempting to enroll in affiliate programs. I’ve tried unsuccessfully but haven’t given up, so I’m trying this new website that Coreteks utilizes to obtain funding:


If you have a moment, you guys ought to check out Coretek; he is knowledgeable and a reliable source for all things computing.

I have been able to join the affiliation program, but this site does not have a lot of products to be able to sell. I will be looking at getting into other affiliation programs.

I’m going to check out a couple more, like greenmangaming and when I have some extra time on my hands but for now this is ok to use.

28/11/23 — Milestone hit:

The goal was hit early this morning.

Goal 685 was achieved and surpassed.

Since this is the third goal I have already met this month, I did not anticipate passing this one.

Since there are just two days remaining in the month, which equates to three subs each day, the next objective is 692, which is just six subs away. We’ll see what happens.

fourth target: 692 subs

New info:

30/11/23 — Hit new goal!!

692 subs!!

The day is not yet over, and this is the fourth objective this month that has been achieved!

The subs may increase more in the next two days before I publish this article, but I won’t set a target for them this time; instead, we’ll see where it goes!

Fourth target hit and passed!!

A few updated statistics ( the views have been increasing all month long, and today is the last day of the month), with the views from the shorts only amounting to 62,769.

Here are some nice statistics:

Thanks to the shorts, there were 1.4 times more views!

This has just now appeared, and this is what it says:

1/12/23 —Happy first of December!

Fresh content for November:

A total of 79 326 views in a single month is the greatest view count to far.

Maximum watch time of 692.9 in a single month (watch time not valid)

02/12/23 — Well, this is the day when the article will uploaded.

Additionally, check out these fresh YouTube insights covering the full month of November.

There is a significant milestone hit:

The channel currently has 3000 videos that have been uploaded to it!

Details on last month’s statistics:

November was the best month so far I have had on this channel!!

The information about the valid public watch hours is as follows:

I have now added a new section to this graph:

this number:

Needs to get to 333.33

Each month this number will grow showing us the amount and goal we need to get to!

November’s goal was 1397 hours of valid public watch time. I failed to reach this objective. The average valid public watch hour for this month is 3.4. In addition, I completed 103 valid public watch hours, for a total of 1340 hours, which was a watch time loss of 57.

For next month’s goal = 1440.

I need 333.33 per month in order to obtain the required valid public watch hours.

These significant accomplishments for this month are far better than I had anticipated.

So Here Are The Stats.

Total for the month of November is 103 (valid watch hours).

October = 149

November = 103

149–103 = 46 less (Bad)

Subs Total 695

Yeah almost less then 300 subs left to go!!! YEAH.

Did reached my goal of 645 & 667 & 685 & 692 and passed all of them HELL YEAH!!! this month (Exceeded it by 50 subs).

It was difficult for me to achieve 1000 subs, but I never imagined that I would be this close to 700 by the end of November. Now, I’m just 5 subs away from hitting 700!!!

Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

93 subs this month

93 Subs divided by 30 days

3.1 * 31 days for December

To tell you the truth, I have no clue whether I will reach my additional 96 sub target for the upcoming month.

As a result, I will need to set a realistic goal for myself of about 46 subs once more.

I also have no idea if the channel will continue to do well or if this was just an isolated instance.

That amounts to 3.1 subscribers per day, but this will change over time (hopefully for the better).

792 Subs by the end of December.

Realistic Goal 741 by the end of December.

96.1+695 total subs at the end of the month

Equals to 792.

Update: (30/11/23– 1340 hours of total “Valid Watch Time”) (103 extra “Valid Watch Time” since last month)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on March 8th (Gained 180 days) last estimate was August 6th. (This is using the info I have gained over the last month, a better month will drop the projection… and a worse month increases it — last month was really GREAT!!).

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before July next year!!

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

I was able to reach my goal of 645 and passed every target after that!!

Subs : 695 (+93)

Watch time (hours) : 1340 (+103) (Valid Watch Time) (November 30, 2023)

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