My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 62

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Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

05/10/23 — Today marked a new milestone:

Reached 1103 hours of valid public watch hours today, now surpassing 1100.

New info:

New comments:




I’ve been off work for the past two days due to my uncle’s funeral, so I’m beginning work a little later today and will be working on my uncle’s cremation preparations for the next few days along with a few other personal tasks that I must do.

Nevertheless, in between all of this, I will be working on certain projects, and at 17:01, I will begin by posting my article on social media (I had to share my previous article today since I didn’t have time to do it the day before).

07/10/23: I was able to unpack a few more boxes yesterday as these boxes had more of my PC Accessories.

I was unable to transport everything to the new office when I moved. These boxes had been shipped up to the new office where I have now started to unpack them.

In addition, I decided to learn how to create an outline in Gimp while I was relaxing, so now when I need a thumbnail, I will be able to outline the text and therefore the word would become easier to see from a distance. I must admit that it really improves how the thumbnails seem.

Here is an example


Each of the letters can now be read from a distance.


I reached the milestone of 565, which has been a long and difficult journey.

08/10/23 — new comment:





09/10/23 — New comment:



10/10/23 — New comment:




11/10/23 — New comment:




New milestone hit today:

It’s fantastic to see that the 575 sub has now been reached!!

New comment:


Yes, I did forget to mention that I didn’t work yesterday due to a bad internet connection and that I didn’t do much today other than upload six videos because it was getting close to the end of the day.

These days fly by so quickly. I’m hoping to finish additional work tomorrow.

The YouTube Studio app now contains some fresh YouTube insights.

Here it is:

With this information, I can now better understand what I need to do to increase views and entice viewers to stay on the page longer.

I wouldn’t have known these statistics or these insights if YouTube hadn’t provided me with these resources. I now understand these states much better, especially the ones that are listed below:

I need to upload better and more popular videos, according to these numbers. Since my channel is a gaming channel, it’s simpler for me to comprehend what I need to do in this situation. I must have interesting and pertinent gameplay vids. In general, the more recent game videos Similar to the RadBrad gaming channel, perhaps?

Next stats:

My four-minute videos are only receiving around one minute of viewing time. To improve this, I will need to move my material and, as I mentioned in the last insight piece, draw more inspiration from the theRadBrad gaming channel by utilizing more recent game videos.

Here is a link to the theRadBrad gaming channel:

12/10/23 — New comment:



New info:

The more videos released, the more successful the channel becomes.

Yes, the channel is expanding well!!

New comment:


13/10/23 — New comment:


14/10/23 — New comment:


17/10/23 — New achievement:

I’m glad to see that LinkedIn is picking up steam despite my lack on the platform. It has now garnered 30 impressions to my surprise.

New info:

19/10/23 — Today had reached a pinnacle of success a crowning achievement. Considering that the gaming channel is celebrating its birthday.

Yay. Happy birthday!!!!

New achievement unlocked!!

(These accomplishments are momentary, once off achievements (for the time being, YouTube could change this in the future but for now its this way) and not permanent on the channel. This explains how YouTube operates for those who do not use it.)

After a completed year, these are the statistics:


582 Subscribers thus far, this channel is off to a good start.


Total: 405 255

Watch time (not valid public hours)

Rough estimate: 2600

The all-time top 10 videos:

God of War has 33,176 views during the course of the channel’s existence.


The graph that displays the subscribers’ progress.

Not too awful, I would think.

The last point:

How soon will I be a member of the YPP?

Although I’m still far off, I’m hoping that this second year will be much better than this one, and I’m very sure it will be. I currently have 582 subscribers and not having to start from 0 subs will make it easier to reach the 1000 mark!!

Since it has been a full year, the number of valid public watch hours will now begin to decline. In order to reach my goal of 4000 watch hours, I must get more than was lost on the final day of the count (the final day refers to the final day of the 365-day count).

As refered to on the picture above.

I am hopeful that I can pull this off!

I also like to set a one-year target. I calculated the amount and it should be around 1164, but there’s a chance it may be much more, so let’s use a fresh total (I won’t disclose the Formula used here).

It comes to 1460. Thus, if I surpass 1164, the next stretch goal will be 1460.



Year goal — 1164 stretched goal 1460.

Watch hours:

As for valid public watch time, I won’t set a year target for this because my objective is to reach 4000 valid watch hours in a year in order to obtain the YPP.

An update on the Cooking Channel is as follows:

Reached 100 watch hours nine days prior.

I don’t spend much time on this channel because it manages to expand on its own without any assistance from me.

The cooking channel has already surpassed 100 hours of valid public watch hours.

Total: 129

With much less effort than the gaming channel, this channel will attain YPP sooner than the gaming channel!!

20/10/23 — New comment:


22/10/23 — New comment:


23/10/23 — New comment:


24/10/23 — New comment:


new achievement:

The greatest number of impressions on LinkedIn to date is now 193 for 1 specific video (NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN RACE 32 (Battle Race)).


New info:

25/10/23– Today marked two new milestones:


Hit 590 subs.


Hit 1200 valid public watch hours.

26/10/23 — New comment:


I thought no one played this is a little gem and my favorite game

My reply:
Hey thanks for comment!! This is a really great game!!


New milestone hit for cooking channel:

3000 views hit and passed!!

27/10/23 — New comment:


29/10/23 — New comment:




30/10/23 — New comment:



31/10/23 — New comment:


New Achievement:

The greatest number of impressions on LinkedIn to date is now 373 for 1 specific video (NEED FOR SPEED THE RUN What A Jump 16).


New comment:



01/11/23 — New comment:


New info:

Details on last month’s statistics:

September wasn’t very good as I didn’t upload anything for the whole month.

Although I didn’t upload, the month was still good.

New comment:


This month’s statistics are in, they are as follows:

It has now improved for this month because I’ve been adding fresh content.

I’m hoping that things improve with time.

New comment:



Hit a new milestone:

This milestone I was hoping to hit it within the month of October its a day late:

The subscriber count is now 600.

YES Finally!!! now 600, when I 1st saw this number it seemed unreal!!

I would like to point out something to my readers:

A ninety-day examination of the Subscribe count.

As you can see, for a considerable portion of this chart, the line is nearly straight. During that period, I took a leave of absence and dealt with certain family matters (discussed in the early in the article). The absence lasted for more than a month.

As for the channel, this has had a negative (hurt & harmed) effect on the channel from August 23 to October 5.

From the bad old days of having just single-digit subscribers, it has advanced significantly. And I’m thrilled to have reached 600 subscribers. I am grateful to every subscriber who has viewed my work, since without them, I could not have developed this wonderful community.

New comment:


02/11/23 — New comment:


To improve the streamlining of these articles, I believe it is preferable to have fewer comments put here. As the channel expands, more comments will inevitably be made, and the most of them will be generic.

Therefore, comments will only be included in articles in the future if they are not as general or deserving of being included.

I think readers will appreciate this new move.

The information about the valid public watch hours is as follows:

The Goal for last month (October) is 1200 valid public watch time. I was able to hit this goal and pass it by 37.

This month, the average valid public watch hour is 4.8 Additionally, I completed 149 valid public watch hours, bringing my month’s total to 1237.

For next month’s goal = 1397.

I need 333.33 per month in order to obtain the required valid public watch hours.

I need to work hard to reach this objective because I need an additional 184.33

These significant accomplishments for this month are far better than I had anticipated, considering that it’s my first month back after a month without any uploads.

So Here Are The Stats.

Total for the month of September is 149 (valid watch hours).

September = 138

October = 149

138 - 149 = 11 more (Good)

Subs Total 602

Yeah less then 400 subs left to go!!! YEAH.

Did not reached my goal of 608 this month (deceed it by 6 subs).

I would also like to add that, I had known I would not reach the target of 608, and that this was more wishful thinking on my part; because I would need to work extremely hard to reach this goal after a month without uploads. My real and intended goal was 600 and the stretched goal was 608, and reaching this goal is already a huge accomplishment, for which I am extremely proud.

Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

44 subs this month

44 Subs divided by 31 days

1.42 * 30 days for November

That amounts to 1.42 subscribers per day, but this will change over time (hopefully for the better).

42.6+602 total subs at the end of the month

Equals to 645.

If all goes as planned, the objective for the following month will be 43 extra subs.

Goal subs 645.

Update: (31/10/23– 1237 hours of total “Valid Watch Time”) (149 extra “Valid Watch Time” since last month)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on August 6th (lost 53 days) last estimate was June 14th. (This is using the info I have gained over the last month, a better month will drop the projection… and a worse month increases it — last month was really BAD!!).

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before July next year!!

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

I was able to reach my goal of 600 but unable to get to 608.

Subs : 602 (+38)

Watch time (hours) : 1237 (+149) (Valid Watch Time) (October 31, 2023)

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