My Journey into the YouTube and Game Industries… Month 61

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10 min readOct 3, 2023

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

09/09/23 — Well, the article was published yesterday, and there is a fantastic comment.

here it is:

Thanks to AIFeed for this fantastic comment, which is the finest I’ve ever received on Medium.

Well, the piece from yesterday performed far better than the majority of the previous articles thus far.

I also achieved a milestone for medium:

Here it is:

With 353 total followers.

This is progressing nicely as well, and I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of my followers, from the very first to the most recent ones, since without you all, I would not have made it this far.


So what is the schedule for today?

Well, “educational material” was mentioned in the previous article.

Today, I’ll elaborate on what I mean by that. As a result, I’m considering launching a new channel where I’ll explain various topics that I’ve learned about throughout the years.

Later, I will go into more detail about this. But today I’ll just be gathering knowledge on the topics I enjoy.

Since I still haven’t gotten all the information I wanted and required for the educational material by day’s end, I’ll have to continue tomorrow.

From 10/09/23 to 13/09/23 — more workplace modifications / upgrades included installing new internet cables and installing air conditioning. Since there was no work to be done on those days, these were skipped.

12/09/23 — New info!!

Additionally, a new record was set: there are just 8 hours left to complete 1000 valid public watch hours.

13/09/23 — New comment:







14/09/23 — New milestone:

Just reached and passed the 1000-hour milestone for a valid public watch hours. This accomplishment is impressive.

With 1006 in total

Although it’s performing well, it would considerably slow down without my uploads.

17:22 — I’m still attempting to catch up on stuff I’ve been behind on for these past few days, but by tomorrow, I ought to be done with it.

I still have a few tasks in the office to complete, but it’s much cleaner now, making for a better working environment. I’ll update this tomorrow.

As for work… I still have to take it slow as I’m Suffering from Burnout!! But I just need some time to rest and I can start with my regularly scheduled workday

I haven’t uploaded in almost a month, but the channel is still doing great so far without me. I’ll have to wait and see how I feel over the next few days since I don’t want to start working while I’m still suffering from burnout.

I also need to Capture all of the educational material, but I have 22 pages worth of notes so far. This is a great achievement.

16:00 — I’ve completed all of the work. Completed cleaning the workplace & preparing to begin working tomorrow on capturing educational material.

I’ve been hesitant to mention that my uncle has been hospitalized with severe illness. Therefore, it is one of the reasons I haven’t been able to catch up on work.

16/09/23 — began the day by posting videos on TikTok…

TikTok is the only other social media site after YouTube that has seen growth.

So I continue utilizing it to develop the business name.

14:55 — Well, I just Included another 20 pages of educational content. Now there are 42 pages in total.

Okay, so this is a demanding task.

I will be calling it a day now.

Going to start editing videos.

Also lost a sub today, bringing the total to 562.

I am not depressed since I haven’t uploaded anything yet and I simply want to relax before I resume with work.

18/09/23 — Additional information regarding the YouTube studio was released.

Here it is:

As you can see, I haven’t been uploading much, and the result of that is what you see now. Nonetheless, I should begin soon.


Watch time:

Not excellent at all!!

Although I’m glad that people are still seeing my stuff.

20/09/23 — Well, I had a serious mishap yesterday and had to go right to the doctor. I had an eye injury. I’ll take a few days to rest my eye, till I can resume working again

Well, its like the saying goes “When it rains, it pours”, and this month has been no exception.

New info:

As you can see, there isn’t much happening this month!

New comment:


I recently received the following comment on my 1st YouTube channel:

They worked really hard, and I’m pleased with the end outcome. Please read this comment.

Here is the link:

15:59 — I just completed catching up on all the work I missed for the previous days as well as todays.

21/09/23 — New milestones for the cooking channel:

Here they are:

20 subs were also reached, indicating the success of this channel without much uploading.

New details on the gaming channel:

10874 views lower than normal, so when I return it will perform well once again. Not every news is favorable…

23/09/23 — I’ve been resting up for the previous several days, and today I started gathering my educational material. I’m hoping to finish one of the large portions today.

Nothing fresh to report as of now…

24/09/23–21:15 — Additionally, during the past few days, I’ve been editing a few videos. I’ve finished editing “Need For Speed: The Run” and am currently working on the “Saints Row DLC”, which I plan to finish today.

25/09/23 — New comment:


Even though I haven’t published a video in a while, I’ve still had 9729 views, That works out to an average of 347.46 views per day, which is fantastic to see!

Additionally, I’ve completed gathering educational materials from one of the sites

There are only 2 sources remaining, however they don’t take as long to gather information from. The final 2 sources will take around half a day.

26/09/23 — Today marks a new milestone:

10 Pinterest followers.

However, because Pinterest hasn’t been performing well, gaining 10 followers is quite something.

17:16 — Capturing the educational material has just been completed.

Total is now standing at 88 pages.

30/08/23 — New comment:



22:24 — It has certainly been a busy day. My uncle passed away this morning, so it’s been a busy day for my family, and we have a lot to deal with right now. I’m just getting started with work since I haven’t worked in a month and today is the first day of the month.

Information for the previous month was also updated:

03/10/23 — New Milestones hit this month of September

10091 views overall for this month

cumulative watch time(watch time not valid) 144.4 hours.

2 subscribers overall this month

The information about the valid public watch hours is as follows:

This month, the average valid public watch hour is 4.6. Additionally, I completed 138 valid public watch hours, bringing my month’s total to 1088, which is higher than I had intended for a month that I did not upload.

These significant accomplishments for this month are far better than I had anticipated.

So Here Are The Stats.

Total for the month of September is 138 (valid watch hours).

August = 207

September = 138

207- 138 = 69 less (Bad)

Subs Total 564

Did not reached my goal of 608 this month (deceed it by 44 subs).

Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

47 subs this month

72 Subs divided by 31 days

1.52 * 31 days for October

That amounts to 1.52 subscribers per day, but this will change over time (hopefully for the better).

47.12+560 total subs at the end of the month

Equals to 608 subs goal

If all goes as planned, the objective for the following month will be 44 extra subs.

Goal subs 608.

Update: (30/09/23– 1088 hours of total “Valid Watch Time”) (138 extra “Valid Watch Time” since last month)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on June 14th (lost 6 days) last estimate was June 8th. (This is using the info I have gained over the last month, a better month will drop the projection… and a worse month increases it — last month was BAD!!).

My end goal is to try to get to 1000 subs before year end!!… Update I won’t be able to hit this goal, my new goal is June next year…

As for valid public watch hours:

So far the Goal is 1150 valid public watch time for the end of October. Unfortunately, I was unable to hit this goal.

For next month’s goal = 1200.

I need 333.33 per month in order to obtain the required valid public watch hours.

I need to work hard to reach this objective because I need an additional 138

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

I was unable to reach my goal of 608 and only got 564 a loss of 44 subs.


New milestones hit…

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 564 (+4)

Watch time (hours) : 1088 (+114) (Valid Watch Time) (September 30, 2023)

So far this channel is growing very well…

If you are a gamer and like to watch these videos…

Please consider subscribing to the channel and to get the notifications 1st, make sure to hit the Bell Icon!!

Here is a link to the channel:

Read Head Gaming Studios:

RedHeadGamingStudios (RGS)

RGS Gaming:


And that’s it!!

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