My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 45

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5 min readAug 25, 2022


Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

18/08/22 — Started my off day…

Shared the Facebook page, and YouTube has its own views, so did not share YouTube today.

Just catching up on work…

19/08/22 — Made some changes to the design for the merch store, in hopes it gets passed, and be able to make products using the new design.

11:57 — Today I was able to get all my work done before noon.

I might even start with some work today, but won’t take it seriously.

Just depends on how the day goes.

Tried to share a picture on Instagram, but for some reason it won’t upload.

Here is the picture that I tried to upload:

Parallel Driving

Here is a link to the game

& here is a link to the videos

15:15 — Started the Unity Challenge 5

…more on

20/08/22 — Just another day of sharing on Facebook and YouTube.

While on Reddit some 1 had contacted me about using zyntora.

It’s a new social platform for sharing videos.

I did some research and downloaded, installed the app on my phone but was unable to upload any content onto it.

I was also contacted by some 1 to help with a small project, they are having a few problems with, and they are hoping I can fix it, I told them to send it to me to check it out… (Spoiler — they have yet to send the project)

It was quite a productive day!!

No time stamp — Started Challenge 5.

  • Bonus: The game can go on forever (I was unable to finish this, will continue tomorrow.)

21/08/22 — Started with sharing on the Facebook page.

Busy thinking about creating a video for the new Merch on the Merch Store, I will make a video for that today.

Was also thinking about working on the indiegala page. I have had this page for sometime but have not had time to get to it as of yet. (Spoiler — did not have the time to do it, will have to make time for this sometime in the future!!)

Shared YouTube on Reddit

Starting — Unit 5 — User Interface

Challenge 5 — Whack-a-Food

  • Bonus: The game can go on forever (taking down notes)

Taken down about half a page worth of notes today.

Next to start —

Want even more challenges?

4 new hard challenges!!

So tomorrow I will be launching the new Red Head Gaming Studios (RGS) logo, and the videos that go with them…

I’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.

As today is the last off day.

And the beginning of tomorrow will be the start of the work day for me!!

22/08/22 — So it’s officially the 1st day back from my few days off… my workflow should be vastly higher than the last few days.

Shared the Facebook page

Just finished using the new method by The Accidental Monster, for interacting with the medium community, and I’ve seen some growth.

10:18 — Finished sharing links for YouTube on Reddit

I need to start with creating a new video for the new features and products I have added to the Merch Store.

11:30 — Some personal work came up.

13:30 — Started with editing the video.

15:47 — Just finished the video editing for the Merch Store.

Tried to share the picture on Instagram, was unable to upload it…

Parallel Driving

16:05 — Starting the upload to YouTube for the “Merch Store (update with new features & designs)”

Here is a link — ko-fi:

Here is a link — Patreon:

The video will be in early access to Patreon and ko-fi members only, 1 week before the video goes public…

17:07 — Have finished sharing the links to Patreon and ko-fi…

23/08/22 — Started late (1 pm had personal work that needed to be done 1st) but I will make sure to get all my work done before 3 pm today…

Shared YouTube and the Facebook page.

Need to upload 2 new videos…

14:21 — Just finished uploading the video “UNVEILING The New RGS LOGO!!..” to YouTube, need to share the links to Patreon and ko-fi members

14:34 — Need to start editing a new video on “HOW I CREATED THE UNVEILING VIDEO IN UNITY!!”

…more on


I have uploaded the “UNVEILING The New RGS LOGO!!..”

And also edited and uploaded “HOW I CREATED THE UNVEILING VIDEO IN UNITY!!”

I had a bit of a late start today. I hope to get a better start tomorrow, will have to finish up some personal work in the morning.

I need to upload a new video, that will be the last video for the new logo branding, and I can continue with work/learning…

24/08/22 — Well damn, I had a busy day, only started with work at 16:59

Not much work done today!!

25/08/22 —(Today) — Been busy with personal work

12pm — Just got to the office very slow start to the day…

On the Merch Store tried adding in the new logo design once again, lets hope for the best…

Shared the Facebook page.

14:34 — Uploaded the new video to YouTube, going to share it on ko-fi and Patreon now…

At some point during the day I got some free new assets…

14: 54 — Finished sharing it to ko-fi and Patreon.

15:02 —Shared the links to YouTube on Reddit.

15:42 — Starting the upload of the article on medium now…

17:29 — Finished the editing for the article almost ready to publish…

And that’s it!!

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