My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 57

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14 min readJun 2, 2023

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last the month!

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

However in my new office we now have an inverter and battery pack. I should be able to get more work done with little downtime!!…


04/05/23 — Another excellent comment:

The comment is in Russian.

Here is the translation:

This is the link to it:

04/05/23 — Just passed 290 subscribers

06/05/23 — The deadline for the 1000 subs has been reworked to the 24th of December, although this will modify once again soon.

Today I’ve reached 300 subscribers.

It’s increasing much more quickly now, but I’m keeping to 3 subscribers even though it’s over 4 a day now!

07/05/23 — A new achievement!

Minimum 13 views within 48 hours.

It’s encouraging to see that things might not go much lower than this.

08/05/23 — New comment from the previous night:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

New achievement:

Highest impression rate of 13,611 so far exclusively for video.

12:05 — Another excellent comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

14:39 — Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

New milestone achieved:

Most comment in 1 day!!

The number of comments I received in a single day is now, I believe, a new record.

This is a further indication that the channel is expanding.

This is fantastic for me as well because I enjoy participating in the community that is developing here.

I want to receive a lot more comments in the future, but not too many that I won’t be able to handle them.

09/05/23 — Today was a difficult day because there was no electricity for 12 hours, which resulted in little to no work being accomplished.

However, there is some positive news to share.

A new comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

Another comment:

You can visit this link to see it:

(No timestamp) — Just received this now

How has it gone thus far?

This is all my hard work in a single picture!!

12/05/23 — Well, it’s been extremely horrible; the lights have been shutting off for much longer hours, which prevents the battery from lasting throughout the day, forcing me to reduce the amount of work I can accomplish in a single day. This has been going on for a few days, and it isn’t getting any better either.

Today, some new comments were received; they are as follows:



Furthermore on the frist YouTube channel:

A new record: 12500 views

13/05/23 — Another great comment:


15/05/23 — Another great comment:


16/05/23 —

I began calculating the valid public watch hours per day, so that I may monitor this as well.

12.:35 — new comment:


17/05/23 — A great comment:


13:46–11 views have been the fewest in the past 48 hours once more!

If this continues the low view count per hour will be higher than this.

14:13 — Another great comment:


15:00 — Another comment:


18/05/23 — Another great comment today:


16:23 — New milestone:

Just reached 350 subscribers…


19:30 — Another great comment today:


22:00 — Another comment:


20/05/23 — Hi everyone, awful news…

My father has fallen ill. As a result, today will be the last day I upload videos as I must take a week or two off.



19:34 — A new milestone:

I’ve already reached and exceeded my target of 371; however, I won’t aim much higher than this because I won’t be uploading for a few days to a week, hopefully not too long. If I were uploading, the new goal would be about 400, which I could reach.

24/05/23 — New info out today:

30/05/23 — New info out today:

Due to my dad’s illness and hospitalization, there hasn’t been any work completed for this week (i.e., no uploads have been made). So therefore the channel did not grow well this week (with only 10 likes and 1 share)…

31/05/23 — Working out the new goal for next month (with calculation).

98 Subs

98 Subs divided by 31 days

3.16 * 30 days for June

Equals to 473

The goal for next month is 473

However there is a problem with this…

As its not the entire month. The last 10 days there were no uploads!!

So I got to work out this with that in mind!!

The actual toal amount of subs I should have got or more!!

total subs 131

131 divide by 31 days

4.23* 30 days in June

Extended goal 505

411 is the number of subs I would have hit by the end of May and 127 is the goal for June (the amount of subs to get by the end of June).o

If 505 is reached, the extended goal is 538, or anything between 505 and 538.

98 subs for May

98 subs divided by 21 days in May (these are the days that were active).

4.7 subs per day * 30 days in June

141 extra subs for June plus 378 subs made thus far equals to 519 total subs by the end of June

The average number of subs per day was about 4.7, so using this method, I can easily see that passing last month’s goal of 371 and hitting this months goal of 473 and passing it will be the same, if I implement the same strategy this month’s goal should be 519 or more.

I’ll stick with the 473 goal I’ve set for myself and monitor how things go before updating it as necessary.

The channel will start off slowly because I haven’t yet uploaded any new content (in the last 10 days of May), and I’ll need to bring it back up to 4.7 subscribers per day to reach those higher goals.

01/06/23 — I have a lot of work to catch up on, so once this is all over, I’ll get back to uploading.

18:23 — I’ve just finished catching up on the previous 10 days worth of work.

Another great comment: (from 1 of the day I was not around)


Another great comment:


18:32 — Now starting uploading three short videos for today, as the day has already come to an end!

Here is the stats for uploading the new videos:

Usually these videos do very well going all the way up to about 500 views or more!!

As you can see these videos did not do well, but I am happy that they still got views… I will have to put in some work to get the channel back to where it was, but I am happy that I don’t have to start from scratch!!

02/06/23 — Another great reply:


Made 1 new sub today!!

Update: As I write this article I have now gained one extra subscribe.

Now at 380!!

Update: (31/05/23– 498 hours of “Valid Watch Time”) (99 extra “Valid Watch Time” since last month)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on December 27th (pushed back by 32 days)

That amounts to 3 subscribers per day, but this will change over time. I have kept it on 3 subs a day for now even on this equation.

For this Month:

This is what I managed to achieve:

I was able to hit the target of 371 and pass it by 7 extra.

I understand that this may seem like a lot to ask, but if you are enjoying my content, I’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel and followed me.

Read Head Gaming Studios:

RedHeadGamingStudios (RGS)

RGS Gaming:



New milestones hit…

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 380 282 (+98)

Views : 220264 (+50026) “YEAH”

Watch time (hours) : 498 (+90) (Valid Watch Time)

This is from the 19/10/22 to the 02/06/23

So far this channel is growing very well…

Better than I had anticipated, but also more work is required than I had first believed. I have to work harder if I want to maintain the same momentum, to keep growing…

But I have been able to start moving the ball in the right direction…

If I can keep this up the ball will start to move on its own which I hope will be soon…


Watch Time:

Here are 5 latest videos of both shorts and videos:

And Shorts:

Total videos uploaded is is over 1642 (Including Shorts)…

If you are a gamer and like to watch these videos…

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