My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 56

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7 min readMay 2, 2023

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last few weeks

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

However in my new office we now have an inverter and battery pack. I should be able to get more work done with little downtime!!…


17/04/23 — I reached 60 followers on TikTok yesterday, which is fantastic to see happen as it had not at all been increasing.

Link to TikTok:

21:16 — YouTube now has over 240 subscribers!

18/04/23 — Updated information today.

19/04/23 — The highest amount of watch time was ever made.

Total watch hours made: 30.6

18:34 — I recently received a fantastic comment.

The link to it is as follows:

21/04/23 — New updates just received yesterday.

11:14 — I just received this fantastic comment:

Here’s the link to it:

11:55 — another excellent comment:

Can find it here:

25/04/23–23:32 — Another Update:

27/04/23 — I just discovered that I had reached a new milestone today on Medium: 300 followers.

Well, thanks to everyone here, I was able to reach this new milestone. I appreciate you, everyone!!!

28/04/23: Here’s a new comment:

Can find it here:

29/04/23 — Another wonderful comment today:

Here is a link to it:

12:53 — Here is a another excellent comment:

Can find it here:

14:09 — Another great comment:

Can find it here:

19:02 — just received a response; here it is:

Here is a link to it:

The number of comments I received in a single day is now, I believe, a new record.

This is a further indication that the channel is expanding.

This is fantastic for me as well because I enjoy participating in the community that is developing here.

I want to receive a lot more comments in the future, but not too many that I won’t be able to handle them.

30/04/23 — I just received this today:

1000 hours of watch time (not valid watch time) Unfortunately.

Update: (28/04/23– 399 hours of “Valid Watch Time”)

Update: The 1000 sub mark will be reached on November 25th

That amounts to 3 subscribers per day, but this will change over time.

01/05/23 — Despite missing the target of 281, this is what I managed to achieve:

Off by 1 sub…

New record for the number of views in a 48-hour period with at least 11views each hour!

02/05/23 — New comment here it is:

Can find it here:


I understand that this may seem like a lot to ask, but if you are enjoying my content, I’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel and followed me.

Read Head Gaming Studios:

RedHeadGamingStudios (RGS)

RGS Gaming:


New milestones hit…

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 282 (+45)

Views : 170238 (+31 523) “YEAH”

Watch time (hours) : 408 (+33) (Valid Watch Time)

This is from the 19/10/22 to the 02/05/23

So far this channel is growing very well…

Better than I had anticipated, but also more work is required than I had first believed. I have to work harder if I want to maintain the same momentum, to keep growing…

But I have been able to start moving the ball in the right direction…

If I can keep this up the ball will start to move on its own which I hope will be soon…


Watch Time:

So usually I would upload the videos that need to be shown here, but that will take too long. So I rather just give you guys a link and put up the latest 5 videos of both shorts and videos here:

And Shorts:

Total videos uploaded is is over 1300 (Including Shorts)…

If you are a gamer and like to watch these videos…

Please consider subscribing to the channel and to get the notifications 1st, make sure to hit the Bell Icon!!

Here is a link to the channel:

RGS Gaming

And that’s it!!

If you are reading & enjoying “My Journey”. Please consider subscribing to this and / or checking out the YouTube channel

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Here is a link to all the different accounts if you are interested please go have a look:

Learn more on :

Thanks For Reading!!

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“Anyway, do that and you’ll start seeing great follower growth. It’s true that a lot of those followers won’t interact with your stuff- but don’t think like it’s supposed to be everyone reading everything. That’s silly. Instead, think about it like advertising- they’re all now going to see your articles from time to time on their feed. That’s free advertising. If 10 people out of every 100 click, be that’s a 10% conversion rate. In advertising, 10% is pretty standard. Don’t think small- reach for 10,000+ followers.”

by The Accidental Monster

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