My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 55

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10 min readApr 16, 2023

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last few weeks

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

However in my new office we now have an inverter and battery pack. I should be able to get more work done with little downtime!!…


08/03/23–11:43 I just finished with my set up, and here is how it looks like.

Now that everything has been set up and is functioning, work can begin.

09/03/23 — Another wonderful comment has been posted here.

Link to it can be found here:

10/03/23–16:44 I’ve already completed 300 watch hours, which is a fantastic accomplishment.

Update: 11 pm

Today the new uploads resulted in an additional 100 views since I started uploading, so it appears to be growing once more.

11–12/03/23 — both these days I did not do much work as I was unpacking and fixing up my home…

14/03/23 — Reached 140 subscribers a new record

15:52 — I recently created an account with and I’ve already started syncing my material there…

I’ve heard fantastic things about this platform. I’m hoping to start making money soon from this. I’ll keep you updated on this later!

21/03/2013 — I haven’t worked for the past week since I’ve been terribly unwell. Getting to work today!

23/03/23 — Today is amazing; I just reached 150 subscribers.

25/03/23 — Another comment came in today.

here it is:

Here is the link to it:

I’ve now set a new objective for myself.

I have calculated that it will take me 211.5 days to reach 1000 subscribers, but this will alter as the channel continues to grow.

My new daily objective is to make 4 new subscribers. The sooner the subscribers come in, the bigger the channel will be.

That equals to October 21 to get 1000.

26/03/23 — Here’s another excellent comment for today:

Here is the link to it:

27/03/23 — I just discovered this information on my channel today!! It also looks fantastic.

28/03/23 — Uploaded new videos on TikTok today let’s see how it does…

29/03/23 — rumble update

With only one follower so far, views are just now beginning to roll in, but my videos have not all synchronized as of yet.

The channel on Odyess is functioning okay; all of the videos are synchronised, but there are just 10 views to date and no followers.

And TikTok is also working well, with views flowing in and the video I posted yesterday now starting to do well.

Many likes are coming, and I’ve gained a few new followers, which is wonderful.

17:15 — new comment

Can find it here:

01/04/23–13:57 — Hit a couple records today here they are:

Yesterday, a total of 6780 views — the most ever — were received.

Next, there have been 102 672 views in total, which is more than 100,000 views.

Since last week, I set a goal of 181, and as of right now, there are more than 180 subscribers.

There are currently 187 subscribers overall.

Additionally, it experienced a rise yesterday, reaching 4664 and garnering more than 7000 views in a single day.

As the channel will now start to surge during the coming days, and with more subs coming in, the faster the channel will grow. I won’t be setting a mouth-end goal because I simply don’t know the right mark to make for this goal until I have more information on where the channel is going and how much it is growing by.

242 subs, or 3 per day, will be the new objective for the next 14 days, but should the channel speed up, this number could increase. Depending on how quickly the channel continues to expand, it may reach 4 subscribers every day, meaning the objective would increase to 256.

I have also updated the YouTube tracker, but I must wait for YouTube to update the information before I can finish. I will update this as soon as the information becomes available.

UPDATE: 04/04/23

Although there has been good progress, it will take some time to achieve these objectives.

03/04/23: Yesterday set a new record.

The biggest number of views — 8505 in total — came on yesterday.

It’s great to see the channel flourishing!

Additionally, there have been 10 173 views, which is the most in 48 hours.

23:44 — Just got this:

The growth on this channel is excellent. I’m overjoyed to see this information!

04/04/23: Today’s goals were achieved:

Now hit and passed over 200 subscribers.

The number of views with over 11,000 in the past 48 hours (total = 11 691).

12:43 — just received this now:

19:33 —

The most views to date (15 000 in 48 hours)!

05/04/23 — went onto my phone last night and used the YT studio app to get this fresh information.

Here is some cool information.

The YT Studio app will release this information on a weekly basis, which I will also display here.

15:23 — Newly received comment:

Can find it here:

06/04/23–22:47 — I just got a really cool comment, so here it is:

Can find it here:

11/04/23 — I received these today:

14/04/23 —

I wanted to achieve 256 of my 18 subs, but I only managed to hit 238, which is still fantastic and I’m sure I’ll reach my goal soon. The objective is to reach a total of 281 before the end of this month, so let’s see if we can achieve it.

16/04/23 — Nothing much today just working on this article.

I understand that this may seem like a lot to ask, but if you are enjoying my content, I’d really appreciate it if you subscribed to my channel and followed me.

Read Head Gaming Studios:

RedHeadGamingStudios (RGS)

RGS Gaming:


New milestones hit…

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 237 /(+100)

Views : 138715 (+59 562) “YEAH”

Watch time (hours) : 375 (+80) (Valid Watch Time)

This is from the 19/10/22 to the 16/04/23

So far this channel is growing very well…

Better than I had anticipated, but also more work is required than I had first believed. I have to work harder if I want to maintain the same momentum, to keep growing…

But I have been able to start moving the ball in the right direction…

If I can keep this up the ball will start to move on its own which I hope will be soon…


Watch Time:

So usually I would upload the videos that need to be shown here, but that will take too long. So I rather just give you guys a link and put up the latest 5 videos of both shorts and videos here:

And Shorts:

Total videos uploaded is is over 1200 (Including Shorts)…

If you are a gamer and like to watch these videos…

Please consider subscribing to the channel and to get the notifications 1st, make sure to hit the Bell Icon!!

Here is a link to the channel:

RGS Gaming

And that’s it!!

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