My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 46

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

26/08/22–13:36 — I’m still catching up on work from yesterday!!

13:59 — Sharing the Facebook page.

(Right after sharing the Facebook page) I had some personal work to do.

Returning at 16:51 — Sharing YouTube.

Well, I managed to finish everything from yesterday and today, so tomorrow I can begin working!

27/08/22 — Another day of continuing with the routine work…

Sharing the Facebook page.

Shared YouTube on Reddit.

15:30 — I had a discussion regarding the route this company will take over the next few months in order to set the goals required for it to expand and become successful.

I’m going to start with the — Bonus Features 5 — Share your Work


This course includes four more features labeled Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert.

This tutorial outlines four potential bonus features for the Quick Click Prototype at varying levels of difficulty:

  • Easy: Lives UI

Easy: Live UI (taking down notes)

Running into problems with the unity hub need to restart the pc… (fixed)

I will continue tomorrow…

28/08/22 — Began regular routine sharing on Facebook and YouTube.

And then started

Easy: Live UI (taking down notes)

Additionally, I’m working on the unity challenge in an effort to finish it before I do anything new.

17:45 — -finished with the Easy: Lives UI

I’ve also written nearly two pages’ worth of notes about this challenge.

17:47 — starting with Medium: Music volume (taking down notes)

18:37 — I have already transcribed just over 2 pages for today, and have done a lot of the challenges…

I will be calling it a day now.

29/08/22 — ah, yesterday.

Yesterday marked the day I reached the 100 follower mark on Medium. I attempted to enter the MPP, but I already knew the rules.

I’m not qualified.

Since I reside in a nation without Stripe.

I will therefore have to wait until Medium adds my country…

Sharing the new promo for the Merch Store to social media platforms.

Here are the infographics: 15%OFF

12:14 — I just finished sharing on all of the social media platforms.

I also attempted to share the Parallel Driving photo on Instagram once more, but it was unsuccessful, so I will move on to the next item on my list in the coming days.

It just occurred to me. Given that a week has passed since its release, I must make the “Merch Store!! (update with new features & designs)” video public.

13:00 — While I was considering it, I also made the decision to review my to-do list. I discovered I needed to do a few items and crossed out the ones I had previously completed.

Before 14:00, I want to get most of these items done (I know that this is also wishful thinking as there is a lot of items on the to-do list)

only available on

The projects are:

Projects Done!!

  1. Done and scratched off.

13:23 — The “Merch Store!! (update with new features & designs)” video has just been made public.(Video is above)

13:34 — I’ve just finished sharing the video to all social media sites, and I need to upload it to the rest of the other platforms.

15:24 — Uploading the video to TikTok and Instagram. I’ve now tried to upload the video to Instagram three times in total, but for some reason, it won’t let me.

I’m not sure what the issue is in this case.

15:29 — As I work on these issues, I updated the to-do list and attempted to post a video to the Zyntora app in the hopes that it would get some interest.

Here is the video I had attempted to upload to the Zyntora app.

It failed to upload once more, and I informed the admin about it.

Additionally, Instagram is not posting, so I won’t waste any more time on it.

15:51 — I’ll begin with Bonus Features 5 right away.

Medium-Music Volume (I wrote just about a page’s worth of notes today on this challenge.)

17:44 — I managed to get the volume slider to function, but I had to import my own music, and for some reason — there was no music in the challenge, even though there was supposed to be!!

But my music did not work…(no idea why)

I thus tried to find a solution by searching for the cause, but I was unable.

However, I did find some useful information and a few additional suggestions there. As a result, I will be moving on to the next issue tomorrow.

I’m going to end this here.

Tomorrow will be another hectic day as I have to make two videos public, tidy up the to-do list a bit more, and perhaps even add a few new items to it.

08/30/22 — Another day of sharing the Facebook page and YouTube.

Almost forgot to make the 2 videos public today, so once I’m done with the work I’m currently working on right now, I will have to take care of that next.

14:29 — Made the video public “UNVEILING The New RGS LOGO!!..”

14:39 — Shared to all socials. Starting the upload to the other platforms.

14:59 — made the video public “HOW I CREATED THE UNVEILING VIDEO IN UNITY!!”

Additionally, the video is not being uploaded to Instagram.

I tried twice!! To no avail…

15:13 — I’ve just finished sharing on all social media sites, and I’m about to start uploading to the rest of the other platforms.

15:58 — Finished with the uploads. It took a bit longer because the video is bigger in size.

I need to start with the to-do list…

I have the statistics for my YouTube channel on my to-do list, and it shows that it is expanding very well, but from what I can tell, I won’t be able to hit the goal by next year, the channel is not expanding quickly enough. However, there is still time to try to reach those goals, so here is hoping that I can…

There will be 2 new projects I will be starting… more on this later on…

I’ve accumulated 4000 more watch minutes from last month to this one. That is an increase of about 70 hours, which is not too awful.

I’ve completed a few more tasks off my list, I need to clean up the to-do list a bit more, but that will be for tomorrow, I will be calling it a day now.

Tomorrow I have to work on the challenge Hard-Pause Menu as well. If I have time, I might even post this piece on Medium.

31/08/22 — Well, the day got off to a rather late start at 15:13.

In the morning, after doing some personal work, I had a meeting to decide how to move forward with this company.

Therefore, I will be working on 2 new projects going forward.

Patreon has more information…more on

So, until I can get these 2 projects up and running, I’ll work on them consistently, but for the time being, I need to get my PC ready for reformatting because it has malware and I don’t trust it.

I must thus begin de-cluttering my PC and backing up all of my work in the following days to weeks if I want to finish this.

I won’t be too active throughout the day.(meaning I wont be sharing, writing or even learning/growing this business until I have finished the reformat of the PC).

There is still a lot of work to be done in the upcoming weeks, as I also need to complete three projects, that I am currently working on, upload them, make videos, edit them, and post them.

16:00 — Eskom Problem.

16:44 — Just started the backing up process.

01/09/22 — Today began with personal work, which took up the majority of the morning.

I took about 30 minutes to rest up after I started to feel a little unwell.

I didn’t share any Facebook or YouTube today.

17:25 — Going to make the video public on YouTube


17:40 — I’ve just finished posting the links on social media and will now begin uploading the video to the other sites.

Additionally, since the last update, the Facebook page has increased by 180 followers and 179 likes… that is a 10 more likes and followers.

17:46 — Larger videos require a lot more time to upload to the platforms, thus this is to be expected.

18:53 — the upload is still ongoing.

I’m exhausted and ill. I’m going to stop now and I hope to have the upload done by tomorrow.

My last day till Monday is tomorrow (02/09/22). I’m going to take a few days off to recover first. (This article has been the only thing I have been working on so far!!)

02/09/22 — I’m finishing up the other platforms’ video uploads. I omitted that since TikTok does not support videos longer than 10 minutes.

14:07 — I am going to start the upload of this article to Medium.

While attempting to upload this article, one of my tools I use to help write these article stopped working. I tried to get it working by restarting my PC but to no avail…

I tried a few other ways to get it to work but its just unusable!!!

I’m hoping the reformat will solve the issue.

In other news: Reached a new milestone of 7500 views on YouTube:

18:11 — I’m calling it a day now, my wrist is hurting really badly, I will continue this tomorrow…

03/09/22 — No time stamp: Just started with this article…

13:04 — Just finished this article need to upload it to patreon 1st. Starting that now

13:13 — Just finished the edited article for patreon

And that’s it!!

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My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 44



Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.

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Red Head Gaming Studios

Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.