My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 40

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5 min readAug 2, 2022

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

27/07/22 — Started with normal days work, but had no time to send out links for YouTube today, as time has gotten away from me, but I made some time to share links to the Facebook page and that’s it for this morning…

Next I started with learning and new branding for the company logo

No time stamp(about 1pm) — I started with the new logo and branding in stead of learning as I had all the necessary resources to get it done, and wanted to get that out of the way!!

Well that took me the whole day. Finished at 18:46pm that night

This new logo and brand, I should be able to catch a persons attention and hold their retention from a much longer rate then before!!

I was going to show my growing community my new logo but I have now decided to unveil it in a few weeks, I like to make a video of how I made it, and have an unveiling video (if i have the time to do it, I think I will likely make the time for it!!)

Here is a sneak peek of this new logo and what is to come!!


Today is 02/08/22 — From tomorrow (03/08/22) I will be working on the business side and make an anticipated video of this new logo!!

28/07/22 — Same old, same old, sharing links on reddit for YouTube and Facebook page, 1 new follower for the Facebook page

I had decided yesterday not to show you guys the picture yet, and will be making an anticipated video for it, sometime in the future.

Yesterday was more of a business day, so will be a learning day today!!

Going to start learning now (14:48)

Lab 4 — Basic Gameplay

- Giving objects basic movement

- Destroying objects off-screen ( did a bit more on this the next day!!)

That is it for today

29/07/22 — Started the day off late, so will be jumping right into learning and won’t be sharing links today

Lab 4 — Basic Gameplay (Continue)…more on

The Quiz

  • The 1st time I got 7 out of 10
  • and the 2nd time I got 10 out of 10

Next Unit 5 — User Interface

30/07/22 — Same start to the day! Sharing links to YouTube on reddit & the Facebook page. Also got some new assets today too.

Now starting to learn at 13:11

Unit 5 — Introduction

Lesson 5.1 — Clicky Mouse

Was unable to get any work done today for some personal reasons!!


And also a new promo on the Merch Store is coming up again!!

Here is the infographics

(Beautiful infographics right)

Here is a link to the Merch Store!!

31/07/22 — Started with personal work this morning, and had only finished it later in the day, I have only shared the Facebook page and nothing else (no YouTube) for today

Will be taking a day off, as I won’t have as much time to get any real work done by the end of this working day!!

01/08/22 — Started with sharing the infographics for the promo on different social media sites, and I have also shared the Facebook page with a few people, and YouTube channel on reddit

OH yes!!!

So it’s a new month

Here is an update on the YouTube channel stats

As I had started actively sharing the channel and growing it on the 26th of June here is the out come of my hard work

June — total views 549

July — total views 1181, up by 632 views

June — watch time 12.7 hours

July — watch time 19.3 hours up by 6.6 hours. This is not the highest amount, 20.2 hours on March was the highest, my new goal should be to reach and surpass 20.3 hours in the months to come. Hopefully by the end of this month!!

June — subs 9

July — subs 7 down by 2 subs

Starting learning at 15:27

Learning Unit 5 — Introduction …more on

And that’s the end of today, not as much as I could have done, but more then nothing!!

Taken down about 1 page worth of notes!

Also I was able to get A LOT of new assets!!

02/08/22 — So another day of sharing YouTube links on reddit, and the sub reddit I posted to, did not allow me to post it (not to sure why). I share on different sub reddits each day. Sometimes its easy, other times not so much!! So I will have to find a new 1 tomorrow, I have about 10 to 20 more sub reddit left to go before I start this…

This whole process again from the beginning. Going down from each new sub reddit to sub reddit to find new 1s, and once I have them, I write them down for future reference. (This whole process is just for growing the YouTube channel and nothing else.)

Shared the links for Facebook page and also got some new assets too…

Starting with learning at 14:14

Creating object list in Game Manager

Lesson 5.1 — Clicky Mouse…more on

Next: Lesson 5.2 — Keeping Score

- Overview

- Adding Score text & positioning it on screen

- Editing the Score Text’s properties

I have taken down almost a page worth of notes today

This is where I will leave it off for today, need to start uploading the medium article now!!

I started writing this article at 4pm this afternoon, its 6:06pm right now!! The amount of time it takes to write these is getting longer and longer, I have now started to use some new tools to make it easier and faster to write these articles but even with those tools, it still takes me 2 hours to write this!! But I am happy that this community is growing, and I will keep on writing…

And that’s it for today!!

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