My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 39

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

20/07/22 — Started with personal work and the ESKOM PROBLEM hits me at 10!!

21/07/22 — The ESKOM PROBLEM!!

22/07/22 — The ESKOM PROBLEM has finally finished at 11 am today, starting with my work!! Got a lot to catch up on, as I have not had electricity for such a long time. I have decided not to share links to reddit for YouTube as that takes to much time, and have now started with learning again

at 3pm: “Medium — Homing Rockets”

  • Continuing with writing down all the notes in the book
  • Took down about 3 pages of work today!!

Here is the promo on the Merch Store!! Don’t forget to check it out!!!

Here is a link to the Merch Store!!

And that's the end of the day!!

23/07/22 — Started with the normal days work, shared links to YouTube and also shared links to the Facebook page, and I have noticed good growth in the work I have done since the 26th of June till now (the day I had started sharing links and actively trying to grow the business name)… also got some new assets today

At about 1 pm started with learning and taking down more notes…more on

24/07/22 — Another day of just sharing YouTube links on reddit and sharing links of Facebook page. Got 1 new person to follow & like the page, hope to keep it growing!!

Fixing up my note book, a few pages have started to come loose, I’m going to need an index to find what I need as there is way to many pages of info in the book, so I have started indexing the book sometime ago, but today I have just added in an extra 24 lines into the index!!

Also today is the last day for the Promo on the Merch Store!!

25/07/22 — Started with sharing links to YouTube on reddit and links to Facebook page

I have begun to look for new property as I’d like to grow this business in a different area as opposed to the one I am in at the moment.…more on

(no time stamp) — Started with “Expert: Boss battle” (taking down notes)

16:14 — Called it a day. Should be done with writing my notes on the book by tomorrow and can continue with other learning sections!!

Taken down 4 pages worth of notes

26/07/22 — Another day of sharing links on reddit for YouTube also shared links on Facebook page, got 1 new follower. Just going over some of the unity educator and looking at properties.

Starting with learning

14:24 — “Expert: Boss battle”(taking down notes)

14:59 — Finally done with “Expert: Boss battle”

Taken down about a Paragraph worth of notes today!! (finally done)

And here is the links to 3 games

Gravity Ball

Make A Ball Fall

Soccer Saver

And that’s it for today!!

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Thanks For Reading!!



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