My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 38

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

15/07/22 — Personal day…

16/07/22 — Start work at 11:00 AM ESKOM happened!!(No electricity in the morning)

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

And as I begin work I was hit with the Eskom Problem again, electricity only came back on at 3pm!!

So since it's so late in the day, I will just start with the learning course!!

Lesson 4.3 — Power ups and Countdowns.

Choosing and prepare a power up. Destroying power up on collision (taking down notes). Test for enemy and power up (taking down notes). …more on

Lesson Recap

New functionality:

  • When the player collects a power up, A visual indicator appears.
  • When the player collides with an enemy while they have the power, the enemy goes flying!!…more on

New concepts and skills:

Next lesson:

I'll start generating waves of enemies for the player to fend off.

That it for today!!(Its already past 5pm)

17/07/22 — Started my day the same, shared links to YouTube on Reddit.

Now starting learning course

Something personal came up and that was the end of the day.

18/07/22 — Started the day off by sharing links for YouTube on Reddit, but I had noticed yesterday that the sub reddit, I had shared to was doing really well on views, but the content was not received well by that community, so I shared a new video that is only about 5 second long and…more on

I hope to get a good response back from them, and that it can help make better videos… anyway I will let u guys know what happens (there's no response on that video and from the community)

And that’s it for reddit today I wont share any more as I want to be able to see the feedback on this sub reddit. If I share to many subs on reddit I could miss judge the feedback I will be getting from that sub reddit!!

Next I did some personal work!!

Starting learning now (No Time Stamp)

Lesson 4.3 — PowerUp and CountDown:

  • Choose and prepare a powerup
  • Destroy powerup on collision (taking down notes)
  • Test for enemy and powerup (taking down notes)
  • Apply extra knockback with powerup

I have just realized that I went over this work already and I’ve just wasted sometime!!

Starting the next learning section!!

Lesson 4.4 — For-Loops For Waves

  • Writing a for-loop to spawn 3 enemies (taking down notes)
  • Give the for-loop a parameter (taking down notes)
  • …more on

Lesson Recap

New Functionality:

I have taken down just over 2 pages worth of notes today!!

And that’s the end of the day…

19/07/22 —Started the day off with some personal work and shared the links to youtube on reddit, and also trying to get more likes on the facebook page I created sometime ago

Also sharing the infographics for a promo on the merch (21st to the 24th July)

At about 2 pm started learning

Challenge 4 — Soccer Scripting

Here is a link to the challenge 4 (Game):

And here is a video on it:

Starting: Bonus Features 4 — Share your Work

Easy: Harder enemy (taking down notes)

Medium: Homing rockets (taking down notes, but still a lot more to take down, will continue with it tomorrow)

I have written down 3 and a half page worth of work today!!

And that’s it for today!!

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Thanks For Reading!!



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