My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 36

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

07/07/22 — could not get that video uploaded to Instagram.

Link to the video — “Objects and Platforms”.

As time got away from me today I will have to share links to the Sub reddits tomorrow!!

08/07/22 — Good morning guys. Anyways, I had an issue with the YouTube community guidelines with my links today, as an added way to make extra money I had links from so that every link clicked makes some money, but as shows ads as the way of making that money it goes against the YouTube community guidelines. So I had to go back on every video that has those links and change them all. Hope that nothing bad happens to my account!! Took me the whole day to change from links to normal links, but it's done!!…more on

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

Right now, still working on my normal work and the ESKOM PROBLEM hits me @ 5pm!!

I was unable to share the YouTube links on Reddit. I hope to do that tomorrow!!

09/07/22 — Started today, going over all of the YouTube community guidelines, and reading all of the documentation on it! I don't want to have any more problems with this in the future and hopefully I won't. Anyway, that had taken me most of the day reading up. Starting with work at about 2:00 PM, got to start sharing links on Reddit for the YouTube channel!!…more on

Finally started learning — Just finished learning four large sections of the Unity Essentials — Part 2.

Starting Unity Essentials — Part 3)

ESKOM PROBLEM!! (could have done a lot more work)

That’s it for today!

10/07/22 — Yesterday I was going to upload this article but with the ESKOM PROBLEM I was not able to!! It had to be pushed till today (10/07/22) and yet again with the ESKOM PROBLEM, so will have to push the upload till tomorrow. Have now shared the links to YouTube, and about to start with work until I…more on

And that's it for today. The ESKOM PROBLEM has HIT!!!

11/07/22 — Started the day off the same but did not share any links on Reddit. Could not find any new subreddits to share to. Anyway, the day seems to have gotten away from me.

Start the learning course — Just finished five large courses of the Unity Essentials — Part 3.

Now starting the junior programmer course — part 1. But before I start continuing the course. I will upload this article on Medium!…

And the ESKOM PROBLEM has HIT!!!

And thats it for this day

With Eskom Problem I am not able to do as much work that I usually do!!

Having 15% off on Merch store from 9th to the 14th July. Just sharing the infographic of the promo to all social media platforms

And here is a link to the Merch Store:

And that’s it for today nothing more was accomplished, cause of time!!

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