My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 30

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

05/06/22 –- Two new designs uploaded to the Merch Store for both Dads (Father's Day) and Mums (Mother's Day). Here is a link to these new designs.

Watched a one hour video on live session on Unity, titled - bonus features walkthrough. Submitted my work to unity so that everyone on the learn site can see and learn from it. Week three live session watched part one and two.

Thats it for this day

06/06/22 — (Continuing from last tutorial.) Revising the GameEnding script. Creating two ways to end the level of the game. Writing code to allow the player to restart the level.watched a 1 hour live session: 5 Part 2 on unity. Completing the gargoyle prefab.

In this tutorial, I created a static enemy for the game. I used physics and scripting to make sure John Lemon could be caught, and set the level to restart when he is.

The goggles enemy is excellent, but its stationary. Enemies that move around will make the game more interesting.

07/06/22 — Enemies Part 2: Dynamic observers.

Setting up the ghost prefab. Animating the ghost enemy prefab. Adding in a Collider to the Ghost enemy prefab. Adding a Rigidbody component to the ghost GameObject with iskinematic enabled. Making the ghost an observer. Setting up a nav mesh agent component for the Ghost enemy. Creating a new WaypointPatrol script… more on

In this tutorial, I have created enemies for the game. It's almost completed now!!! It's just a bit quiet though!!! Need to add some sound next.

Before I called it a day. I extended the level by a 1 to 1 ratio.

08/06/22 — (Today) — Audio.

Learning about Non-Diegetic sound and diegetic sound. A primer on audio in Unity. Learning about what is Non-Diegetic sound and audio and how to use them. Creating audio sources for the game. Duplicating the audio sources. Tidying up the audio sources in the hierarchy. Returning to the GameEnding script to edit for audio.… more on

In this tutorial, I explored the basics of audio in unity through adding in ambient soundtracks and sound effects to the game.

The game as it is now, is complete.

Next is to create a build of the game and to distribute it.

This will be on the next article.

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