My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 24

14/05/22 — (TODAY) — Today is the anniversary day of Red Head Gaming Studios. It's been one year since I've started this company and my experience in this industry is still growing. Here is a video on all the progress I have made so far:

Started the day off with the video and sharing it and afterwards started learning again…

Tutorial — Audio.

What are audio clips, audio sources and audio listeners?

Thats the question the tutorial asks of us, to understand these concepts, so that we can use them. Learnt what are one shot sounds and how to use them. Adding sound to collectables and main character.… more on

In this tutorial I've seen how to handle 2D sound. Sound that plays at the same volume no matter where the character is in the scene, such as background music. I have also learnt that 3D sound is played at different volumes and in different speakers based on where the sound is compared to the camera.

I've looked at every step I needed to create games (so far). I've seen how to import assets, write scripts, use the physics systems, use tilemaps, create particle effects and add audio to this 2D game. Most of these concepts I have done before and I'm very familiar with them, but there’s a lot I have not done as yet and some of these were my 1st time touching on.

Next I did a new tutorial on Build, Run & Distrbute

Even though I have built a few games already in many tutorials this was the 1st time it went over the interface, like adding in my companies logo on the start of the game and much more. This tutorial taught me some new skills that I will be using in the future.

Now it's time to build this game.

Learn more on :



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Red Head Gaming Studios

Red Head Gaming Studios

Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.