My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 22

Hey guys…

So there was not much going on for the last couple of days so here is the update on what has happened since then…

07/05/22 — no work unfortunately I was too busy with my personal life.

08/05/22 — continuing work from the days before on cinemachine and cinemachine startup. Learning about camera mode in cinemachine. Making the camera follow the main character & making the bounds for the camera…. more on

Finishing up new microgame challenges set by Unity Learn.

09/05/22 —(Today) — Continued on the Unity Learn challenge microgame. Afterwards continued on the particle system in code. Fixing the particle system in the scene to make it look more natural when it goes off.

Then I ran into a few problems with the depth of the particle system in the scene and was not able to show itself in screen in game view. That took me about about 30 minutes debug & figure out the problem & fix it.…. more on

Next I started watching a live sessions for about one hour. Then I started learning visual styling — Using Interface (UI) — HUD.

UI Canvas added to the scene of the game.

And that was all for today will continue tomorrow.

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Red Head Gaming Studios

Red Head Gaming Studios


Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.