My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 19

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2 min readMay 2, 2022

The last couple of days I haven't done any new writings.There just wasn't enough to write about.

So here is what happened on those days…

29/04/22 — Starting sprite animation learning. This is the first time using the animator component, prefabs & gameObjects (for animation purposes)…. more on

30/04/22 — Started working learning about the flip property in the animation window & more about the Animator and how its works.

01/05/22 — Started learning about the animator controller & animation state machine. Working with the blend tree in the controller and its settings. Making parameters for the blend tree( the picture below)… more on

02/05/22 — (Today) — Modifying the player character script to use the animations. Taking down notes off Mathf.Approximately & understanding of how to use it in script.

Always double check that the capital letters are in the right places when scripting. I was stuck for about 2 hours. Looking for the right word (“Look”) I had it as (“look”). I had a small letter L, it needed capitals.

This is my first attempt in animation using this components & assets. Now I know how to use animation in Unity. Will have to do more tutorials in the future. Such as using animation clips and the animator controller & scripting to do animation in gameplay using the right animation at the right time. These skills will help grow this business in the future.

Uploaded a video of animating the enemy:

Learn more on :



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