My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 49

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4 min readNov 7, 2022


Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

23/10/22 to 24/10/22 — Took these as personal days, had family over…

25/10/22 — Work will begin today.

5 videos were released today.

26/10/22 —Video Recording today.

27/10/22 — (time 15:40) Just finished sharing all 10 videos that were made public on YouTube.

21 videos were edited today as well.

15 more videos are prepared for upload.

28/10/22 — Trying to get back to the regular routine.

Went through some Medium articles, trying to engage with the community again…

Editing videos.

29/10/22 — Another day of video editing…

(No Time Stamp) Making videos public and creating thumbnails now… I'm doing this most of the day though, there’s no need for a time stamp!!

30/10/22 — Getting back to doing routine work in the morning.

26 videos uploaded and made public

31/10/22 — Started the day with routine tasks.

Project 1

I’ve been neglecting to report on Project 1, so much has happened on that part of the business as well. I’ve been packing up and making space, and I also got someone to come fix some of the PC’s that are currently not working.

I’ve uploaded two videos today, but I still need to make them public. I’m hoping to complete that before the end of this day. I’ve also started recording new footage so that it will be for tomorrow’s editing.

01/11/22 — Started with my normal day of work.

The Merch Store is having a 20% off on all orders.

Here is the infographics

I have shared it on all social Media platforms.

Here is a link to the Merch Store:

Go Take A look At What We Have To Offer Our Skullptured Community!!!

Uploaded more videos today.

02/11/22 — I began with personal work today.

I had the urge that I needed to add the new logo to the Merch Store.

If you were here when I tried to add it before. You would remember that it was not approved.

So I have made some edits to the logo with hopes that it will be approved this time around. Will keep you guys updated on this…

18:55 Someone has hacked my PC

For goodness sake.

I will have to do a full reformat once again because of this!!!

03/11/22 — Reformatting was the day’s first task, followed by Project 1, which is progressing nicely.

Run into some problem with the format because of the hack!!

They messed with the windows code and the reformat does not work as intended cause of it…

04/11/22 — Eskom is a real problem here. I can’t work as I like to during the day, and try to get most of the work done, but with the electricity going out, its become a real problem even to do a reformat.

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 7

Views : 325

Watch time (hours) : 11.1

This is from the 19/10/22 to the 03/11/22

So far this channel is growing very well…

Here are the new videos that are now up:

Total videos is 54

I was going to upload this article on this day, but Eskom hit…

05/11/22 — to — 07/11/22 — Been busy with getting the PC ready, and have started with project 1 by creating a new curriculum for it.

I will be making an image of my windows OS so if this happens again I will just use the image…

I will have to get my bearings in order. Till then I won't be uploading a new article (About A Week)

And that’s it!!

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