My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 50

Hi Guys

Here is the update for the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

08/11/22 — I’ve released a couple videos today and have been working to catch up on some earlier work.

09/11/22 — to — 11/11/22 — Uploading new videos, editing videos, and recording videos, but have mostly just been catching up on work.

11/11/22 — to 15/11/22 — Uploading, recording, and making videos public… Have now reached 500 views on the new channel

Today marks the 28th day since the launch of the channel. Here are the current statistics so far

Milestone — 100 videos now uploaded… more on this later!!

The main channel now has over 9000 views so far…

Update on project 1.

The technician was unable to get the PC component to function.

Unfortunately, he is unreliable, I will need to find someone else.

16/11/22 — to — 17/11/22 — I was able to get the new Logo on the Merch Store

I have made a few amendments to the design to get it accepted on the Merch Store.

Sharing the new promo for the Merch Store.

Here are the infographics

In addition to our already low prices, we’ll be offering an extra 35% off your entire order from our shop on Black Friday and big Cyber Monday deals! These are some of the biggest offers we have all year, so don’t miss out! You as our customers don’t need promo codes or anything. These offers apply automatically when you purchase from our shop.

Tis the Season

It’s the holiday season so make sure you checking out these new classics!! We just added some classics to our assortment.

And here they are

Our holiday stocking is minimalist, yet modern. With our design (logo) I’m sure you guys will love it.

Here is a link:


Our Santa hat is yet another classic you can’t go wrong with. So make sure you take a look!!

Here is a link:

Santa Hat

Here is the link to the Merch Store

Go check it out!!!

Merch Store

I’m sure our customers will stand out when they rock these new products at their annual office party and other holidays!!

Here are the next promo dates make sure to add them to your note book or diary.

Update On New YouTube Channel: RGS Gaming

Subs : 8

Views : 666

Watch time (hours) : 21.5

This is from the 19/10/22 to the 17/11/22

So far this channel is growing very well…

Here are the new videos that are now up:

Total videos is 44

There are a total of 108 videos online

And that’s it!!

If you are reading & enjoying “My Journey”. Please consider subscribing to this and / or checking out the YouTube channel

Here is a link to it:


Here is a link to all the different accounts if you are interested please go have a look:

Learn more on :

Thanks For Reading!!

If you find this article engaging or are interested in my other content, and find it inspiring or motivating, and would like to see me succeed or even to see new content coming before others do!! Please consider buying me a coffee or even a $1 tip… Which can make anything happen!

“Anyway, do that and you’ll start seeing great follower growth. It’s true that a lot of those followers won’t interact with your stuff- but don’t think like it’s supposed to be everyone reading everything. That’s silly. Instead, think about it like advertising- they’re all now going to see your articles from time to time on their feed. That’s free advertising. If 10 people out of every 100 click, be that’s a 10% conversion rate. In advertising, 10% is pretty standard. Don’t think small- reach for 10,000+ followers.”

by The Accidental Monster

Can be found on:

My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Learning!! Day 44



Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.

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Red Head Gaming Studios

Red head gaming studios is a company that I created. And although it is relatively new my aim is to create a community of gamers and non-gamers.