My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 42

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

08/08/22 — Started work late today, I had some personal work to get to early this morning. Anyway, I started by sharing a picture on Instagram & Twitter of Heaven’s HELL (A game I created using the unity project). I have been sharing to these 2 social media platforms, the games I have made in the past, and what can come in the future!! To try to keep the accounts active and grow the community on there but its not as easy… Medium is a much easier place to grow a community and to take off from, then most other social media platforms!!

In the future I hope to share my work more frequently on these 2 platforms!!

Here is a picture of it:

and here is the game:

Heaven’s Hell

and here is a video of it:

Now back to my old routine of sharing links on YouTube and Facebook page.

I have set the anticipated video to public for “Something New Is Afoot!!”, and have shared it to all the Social media platforms.

Here is the video:

I have uploaded the video to all other sites also…

Update — I have checked on the Merch Store for the new product “Something New Is Afoot”, it is still in the review process, no change as of yet!!

16:30 — I have started with the video editing for today, and have already finished the hard editing. There could still be more hard editing depending on, how well the soft editing goes, but at least most of the hard editing is done!!

17:39 — I have just finished with both editing……more on

The day end is on Patreon…

09/08/22 — Before I started with work today, I had some personal work to get to 1st

Then I started with sharing the Facebook page, but not YouTube as I could not find a good Sub Reddit

Update — I have just checked on the Merch Store for the new product “something new is afoot” it is still in the review process, no change as of yet!!

Got some new assets today!!

I uploaded a new product to the Merch Store however it is not available as of yet. It will be available in the days to come… Will update you on this soon “UNVEILING THE new RGS LOGO” The new main logo!!

I started with the new video which is now called “THE UNVEILING!!”(name may change)

16:09 — Have started to render the video

17:02 — Starting work on the longer video just fixing audio and sound…

17:50 — I think I have now finished the un-named video (the longest video I have for a project right now), its been edited and the audio is now done, and I think I may have a name for this video…more on

Now for tomorrow, I need to make a smaller version of this logo, and that will hopefully only take about 10 to 30 mins (not even) as most of the work is done already!!

And that’s the end of day!!

10/08/22 — Hey guys, well I only started my day at 14:30, because I had a lot of personal work that needed to be done, so very late start, no sharing YouTube today, and will only be sharing the Facebook page… and getting a few things done before, I start with my work for today!!

Update — Just checked the Merch Store and the review process has been completed for “Something New Is Afoot” products.

Here is a link to the products:

Something New Is Afoot

While I was working with the Merch Store, I added in a few new features, such as “Catalog” & “Topics” to the main page.

Here is a link to the:

Merch Store

Make sure to go have a look…

15:08 — “THE UNVEILING!!” had to be re-edited once again, I found a mistake as I was watching it, and will be done in a few minutes.

15:36 — Busy with a smaller logo, as most the work was done in the larger 1, this should only take me about 5 minutes… (yip it took me about 5mins)

These are about the project updates…


  • 1 — Done and uploaded
  • 2 — Done and need to be uploaded
  • 3 — Done and Done
  • 4 — Done and need to be uploaded
  • 5 — Done today and Finished!!
  • 6 — Will get to it soon!!

More on these projects on Patreon…

And that’s it for today!!

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Thanks For Reading!!

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