My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 41

Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

I live in South Africa and there is a problem with the electricity provider (ESKOM)!!

03/08/22 — Just another day of sharing links for the Facebook page, but this time, did not share links for YouTube as I want to see if the channel can grow by itself, and how many views it can get without my help!!

Anyway going to start with the longest video I have to edit (un-named video)

I have started with the videos, and there is about 3 videos I got to do for now, it could grow to be a lot more, but will have to see where this goes 1st…
There is about 6 new projects I have started will update this in the future…more on

The 6 project are described in great detail in

Have a lot of editing to do but I have started with it now!!

I have just finished with 1 GIF also, that’s done!!

04/08/22 — Each day I go over about 6 different things including Medium, Reddit & excludes YouTube, Facebook.

Yesterday I went over an article about Tipping in Medium. This is new in the beta Phase

Tipping = Allow readers to send you tips through the third-party platform of your choice.

It can be found in the settings under “Audience development”.

If you find this article engaging or are interested in my other content, and find it inspiring or motivating, and would like to see me succeed or even to see new content coming before others do!! Please consider buying me a coffee or even a $1 tip… Which can make anything happen!

I have now enabled it using my patron, but right now I’m busy opening a business PayPal account to receive tips through

So I have had a ko-fi account but have never used it. It’s mostly for getting assets, I will be editing the ko-fi account to make it look more Professional as it looks really Unprofessional right now!!

That should take me about 10 to 20 mins to do… (Spoiler. It took me a lot longer then that to make it look professional)

I have just finished editing the ko-fi profile. It looks at lot more professional, but there is a lot more that could be done, will look at doing more at a later date (07/08/22 — Added in my 1st post to it…more on

The Ko-fi account is now up and running!!

Next started with sharing the Facebook page link, and then shared the YouTube links on reddit

This was at 16:13 — A lot later because the ko –fi account took me a lot of time…

Going to start with editing the video now!!

I did about 2 hours worth of video editing, still got a lot to do…

It’s 6pm, calling it a day now!!

05/08/22 — Hi guys!! So another day sharing links for Facebook and YouTube!!

And I had some great feedback from some Redditors today, a few have seen the links to the YouTube videos, that I had posted and they enjoyed it!!

I am busy with editing the video again today, that should take the whole day and, I hope to finish it up, or most of it. I can then start the next project!!

Today was the Appointment to look at the property for the new offices. But it wasn’t what I had anticipated. Will have to keep looking for new property. Will keep you guys updated on this!!

Well, I’m calling it a day now been video editing from 11 am this morning, it is 16:33 now and I’m still not finished. The video is more than 3 hours long so I have only been able to do 2 hours of editing within the video…
And after I have finished editing I need to speed up the video so what looks like an hour will only be 1 min

06/08/22 — Started another day off by sharing links to Facebook page and YouTube… Busy checking out a new tool for writing in the future, I hope it can make the writing in medium a lot more faster… will keep you guys updated on this… So far no progress in the speed of how fast I can write!!

I also uploaded a video to the Facebook page, I had completely forgotten about it.

Here is a link for it: Object & Platforms

Object &… — RedHead Gaming Studios SKULLptured Gaming | By RedHead Gaming Studios SKULLptured…
1 views, 0 likes, 0 loves, 0 comments, 0 shares, Facebook Watch Videos from RedHead Gaming Studios SKULLptured Gaming…

Most of the day I have just been busy with editing the video!!

I should be finished with the hard edit of the video by tomorrow

And will be able to start the soft edit…

Hard edit = Taking out the content that does not push the video forward, and cutting out parts that don’t fit with the video!!

Soft edit = just cleaning up the video… making it look good with effects.

When I start the soft edit I will speed up the video!

07/08/22 — Before I started with sharing the links to the YouTube channel. I have already done sharing for the Facebook page, it’s much easier to share for Facebook then for YouTube… I have uploaded a Merch Store item

Here is the picture of what the new Merch items will have on them:

Though, it’s still in the review process. Hence the reason it’s a picture, not a product. I hope to have it up by the end of today, if there is no problem with it!! (Its now 19:00 and its still in the review process. It should be up tomorrow, hopefully…)

Just done with, the YouTube sharing links on Reddit, starting with rendering the video for YouTube now!!

I’ve just finished rendering the anticipated video from Unity, and I’m about to start editing it, and will be uploading it as soon as its done!!

Update on the editing 3 hour video, I did not have the time today to get that done will have to do it tomorrow!!

I have already uploaded the anticipated video onto YouTube, but have not made it public (tomorrow it will be made public). Only the Patreon & ko- fi members have access to it 1 day early. (The 1 day early access might change to a week sometime in the future!!)

This is where I will leave it off for today, need to start uploading the medium article now!!

I started writing this article at 4pm this afternoon, its 7:16pm right now!! The amount of time it takes to write these is getting longer and longer, I have now started to use some new tools to make it easier and faster to write these articles but even with those tools, it still takes me 2 hours to write this!! But I am happy that this community is growing, and I will keep on writing…

And that’s it for today!!

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Thanks For Reading!!

If you find this article engaging or are interested in my other content, and find it inspiring or motivating, and would like to see me succeed or even to see new content coming before others do!! Please consider buying me a coffee or even a $1 tip… Which can make anything happen!



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