My Journey into the GAMING Industry… Business!! Day 31

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2 min readJun 13, 2022


Hi Guys

Here is the update on the last few days

09/06/22 — The last time I updated this article. I talked about building the game.

Build- Run- Distribute.

Adjusting basic player settings. Making a thumbnail for the game and giving it a name. Adjusting resolution and presentation settings and adding in the logos to the start of the game.… more on

I’ve finished the project/tutorial, and created a build of the game!

Uploading game to and adding in information about the game and screenshots also.

Here is a link to the game, you can go and play it for free!!

10/06/22 — Took down notes on player movement scripting, game ending scripting, observer scripting and waypoint patrol scripting. In total, 4 pages worth.

Fixed a few bugs in John Lemon game needed to build a new version and get it online on website. Doing screenshots of the game (using unity record tool) for a trailer video and to upload on (Seven screenshots in total).… more on

11/06/22 — Getting the page ready for publishing on the Internet should be done by today!! Next need to do the devlog for John Lemon and add it to and publish it. … more on

Started a video on “How I created John Lemons Haunted Jaunt” a video about teaching viewers what I had learnt and where they can find the material to learn it also.

Video Trailer:

Video: “How I created John Lemons Haunted Jaunt”

12/06/22 — The game was published yesterday on website but that I am still working on it. A lot more editing is needed to get the page the way I want it (professional). The page is published I want to add in a few more things and two videos. Until then the page is still unprofessional in my opinion.

And that’s it for today for that day.

3:00 PM Just finished the editing of the second video going to publish both of those video on YouTube, sharing it to all social media platforms, added the videos to the John Lemon game page on Just finished the devlog on and published it to the game page so that any1 can view it. Also both of the John Lemon video are on the devlog page.

13/06/22 — (Today) — I had completely forgot about uploading the videos to TikTok and Instagram. So this morning that was the 1st thing I had started with.

Fixing up the file management on the PC for the games and other assets

Watched a one hour live session on Unity — Troubleshooting and FAQ's.

And that was all for today see you guys in a few more days from now and thanks for reading…

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